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my 3 week old has not had a poo for 28 hours - sorry if tmi

hello everyone,

i was just thinking when was the last time annabelle had a poo and it was 28 hours ago!! should i be worried? is she constipated? what can i do to try and make her poo? she is eating as normal and still doing wee wees. should i phone my health visitor? is this a long time to go without a poo?

sorry for all the questions!!


  • hi hun, is she breast or bottle fed? If she's breast fed its not too much to worry about, my HV said its not unusual and Bella does sometimes go a few days with nothing! If shhe's happy and not obviously straining with no success then i dont worry.
    If she's bottle fed then possibly have a word with your HV? I know some people give their lo's a little bit of cooled boiled water to help them go if they're struggling xx
  • Is she breast/formula fed. FF babies are more prone to constipation esp if on SMA gold. They can go a few days sometimes without pooping then tend to explode!! Have you had normal ammount of wet nappies?
  • Is your lo bottle or breastfed? Breastfed babies can go several days without a poo, that is quite normal. If you are worried you can give some cooled boiled water, it is supposed to help for constipation.
  • she is bottle fed and i have noticed today she has been a bit grizzly. i will try some cooled boiled water thanks. xx
  • she is on aptimal and yes she is still weeing. xx
  • If the cooled boiled water dosnt work (it never did with mine) then try 1 part pure OJ to 6 parts cooled boiled water.


  • A warm bath can help too.
  • Hi hon,
    If she usually goes every single day then if the cool boiled water doesn't work, I'd give your HV a call for some advice. Josh is formula fed and although he doesn't go everyday, he isn't constipated and when he goes it's usual consistency (sorry TMI). My HV said that some babies just don't go everyday in the same way that some adults don't go everyday.
    I'd just keep an eye on it due to the hot weather we've had this week. Hopefully the water will help hon.
  • yeah she normally goes everyday and sometimes more than once. i am just boiling the kettle now, fingers crossed the water works.

    could it be due to the hot weather? it has been really hot in our area.

  • bottle fed baby's can go between 4-7 days with out having a poo and bf baby's can go up to 10 days with out having one so i really wouldn't worry unless she seems uncomfortable on in any pain x
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