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Hello, we are very thankful that our treatment will be at bourn hall in cambridgeshire where you get up to 6 goes of fertility treatment and the you have to be between 23-39 so we are very lucky. My question is, does anyone know how long the waiting list is there for ivf/icsi on the nhs? thankyou girlies.


  • I'd be really interested in anything you found out maple. Do you really get six goes there? We find out whether we are being referred for IVF after dh's next SA and if so Bourn Hall will be one of the two clinics we could be referred to.x
  • Hello, bourn hall is fantastic, my partner had to do his sa there and they were so kind, yes you really get six goes of fertility treatment. your fertility dr has to refer you, i am currently on the cambridge diet because my bmi was shockingly 44 but now it is 35,only 5 more to go because your bmi has to be 30 for treatment. i would highly recommend the place, if you go on their website they do evening for free when you can go and find out about their services. we have to have icsi aswell because of my partner having a tortion. you can email them, they are really helpful, all the best, and if you find out about how long the list is, someone told me it is 3-4 months for icsi and 9 for ivf, which treatments do you require?
  • Thanks for all that info maplegirl. I have heard good things. I'm not sure which we'll be recommended for yet - we have another appt to get DH's next SA results and dicuss the next steps in the next couple of months. I'm sure when I get more info I'll be straight back on here to pick your brains. Will def try and push for Bourn Hall though after your recommendation (other one was Essex and Herts Fertility Centre I think). Good luck! xx
  • Hello MrsAmanda, sorry I did not reply sooner. thankyou for telling me about your dieting, and the tip on vlcd and fertility, I did not know and I am a nurse! I really hope I am as successful as you with icsi, I feel very sad at the moment, nearly six years spent on trying to conceive, everyone is pregnant or just had a baby and I feel like someone is kicking me!
    Take care
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