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Placenta At the front

Hiya Ladies, Bumps And LOs, Hope all is well!!

I was wondering if anyones placenta is right at the front? because each time i go to drs/midwife they cant find the heartbeat on there monitor so i have to have a scan also i dont feel that many kicks either. has anyone had this and its moved? or is it ok to be at the front for the whole pregnancy?

23 weeks Today image xxxx


  • I dont have this but my best friend that is also pregnant does, she was told its not harmful at all and wont hinder giving birth it just means that she might not feel as many movements.

    Hope thats helps xx

  • i did have but its moved now so hopefully yours should too!

    32 weeks today
  • I have the placenta at the front and have had lots of movements from Bean. They aren't painful but they are definitely there. The mw certainly isn't concerned about it being at the front but I would ask your mw again if you are at all concerned.

  • Hi hun I had an anterior placenta with Theo and although they could always find a heartbeat it was a while longer until I felt proper kicks, about 25 weeks I think.
  • Yes, i've got an anterior placenta.
    I felt "bubbles" at 16 weeks then baby moving at 21+4 but the big movements started just 2 weeks ago (at 25+5)

    There's nothing to worry about with it though - or so i've been told.
  • Thanks for the replies ladies.. im glad its nothing to worry about image im going to have to be patient and wait a couple of weeks to feel big movements. xxx
  • I also have an anterior placenta and didnt feel any proper movement till about 21 weeks and took a few more weeks before they had any force to them!

  • I have an anterior placenta, no medics told me read it in my notes! And from reading on here knew what it meant. I feel baby kicking an have from 22 weeks ish. They have only been gentle, sometimes bit stronger, but not strong enough for poor hubby to feel yet i'm sure i'll get this soon. xxx
  • Hi, i had that with DS3, they could never find the hb and movements were very small for the whole of my pregnancy. the m/w said it was a blessing as it meant i wasnt being kept awake at night but i did find it a bit of a worry.

    they did say in general they can move up but mind didnt.

  • I was told today that I have an anterior placenta, I don't really know a lot about them so this thread is very helpful! Hubby can't feel the kicks yet, hopefully they'll get stronger soon image

    Em 20+3 x x x
  • I had this to, mine has now moved so I can have normal delivery. I could always find a heartbeat but kicks came later xxx
  • Hi, I have an anterior placenta as well, didnt feel strong movements till aorund 20 weeks and have been in for monitoring twice with reduced movements and they reckon that baby was cuddled up behind the placenta. I was told by my consultant that the position of the placenta doesnt move. Also it should say on your scan notes the position of your placenta. Once you are further along you will still get really strong movements.
    Lisa 35+1 xx
  • Hi

    I also have anterior placenta and it was only brought up when we went for the amnio. Have had no problems listening to heartbeat and am starting to get proper kicks this week (although they always disappear when hubs tried to feel them !).

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