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IVF 1 month and counting

Hi all, was just wondering if I could get some general advice please as i'm feeling a bit overwhelmed at the minute.
My partner and I had our appointment with our IVF consultant, 1 week ago re IVF, we are seeing the nurse on 17th July, where I will learn how to give myself the injections, and will commence treatment in August, which is very quick.
I was a smoker but am now on patches, I have the odd glass of wine a week, Im taking vitamins, folic acid etc. But I am worrying about my diet and thousands of other things.
Could anyone pelase give me some general advice on if there is anything in particular I should/shouldnt be doing. I have already lost 2 babies that were conceived naturally, 1 at 51/2 months and the other was an eptopic, but now I have to have IVF as Ive lost one tube and the other is blocked from previous surgeries.
Many Thanks for any advice offered.


  • thank you so much. I feel silly, Im sort of up one minute and down the next, nervous then excited.Its such a huge thing.
    Hopefully having a really relaxing weekend so that should chill me out a bit!!
    Thanks againxx
  • Hi bibest

    Just wanted to say good luck with your appointment this week. We had the same appointment on Friday and then had to go home and do the first injection straight away! I've been doing them since then and start my evening injections today. It will be nice to have someone doing the same sort of thing at the same time so do keep in touch and let me know if there's anything you want to know, since you'll be so close behind in your cycle.

  • Hi Daisygirl,
    Iis fantatsic to know that someone is at the same stage as me. I was feeling very down today until I read your message but I am feeling little bit more positive again.
    You must keep me updated with how you are getting on and I will keep posting regular updates about whats happening with us. It all seems to be happening so fast, its quite scary.
    I havent told many people either, as I ddidnt want to be answering lots of question s I didnt know the answers to.
    Good luck daisygirl, Ive got my fingers crossed for you.
    Keep in touch:\)
  • Soory daisygirl, there is one question, I have been told by someone I know that shes heard the injections are very painful. How are you finding them?
  • Hi

    Yes, be great to keep in touch. It's such a strange thing to be going through it's great to 'talk' to someone at the same sort of point.

    I'm on the short protocol because I have a slightly raised FSH. That means I don't down regulate so I can't tell you much about that. I'm not sure how that works but I think a lot of places do a nasal spray rather than injections.

    Do the injections hurt...honestly...yes. BUT it's totally bearable. It's mostly just when the fluid goes in. The ones I've started this evening are worse than the morning ones but that's because I have to inject 2 x 1ml instead of 0.25mls. I've found that technique makes a big difference, though rather unhelpfully I'm not sure what is a good technique and what's a bad one! My injection on Saturday hurt quite a bit and I've given myself a bit of a painful bruise with that one but the one on Sunday I thought hadn't even gone in because I didn't feel a thing. Goodness knows what I did differently though! I can see that I'm going to be heartily sick of needles by the end of all this what with the inections, acupuncture and a blood test every other day, but hopefully it will all be worth it!

    I know just what you mean about feeling down. I felt pretty low just before we had our injection lesson. I suppose it had all become real and I'd hoped we'd never get to this stage. Am really trying now though to just see it as 4 weeks of my life and whatever the outcome we'll know we've tried.

    Have you had any diagonsed problems? We have unexplained infertility. All tests seem to be fine, but obviously something
    is not quite right as we've been ttc for 2 years!

    Let me know as you get any news and I'll keep updating if there's anything to report!


  • Hi Daisygirl,
    Im not sure about my FSH levels no one has said anything to us yet about this.
    My problems stem from several large operations I have had on my stomach over 6 years, 7 in total.
    I lost my first baby, a little boy, 11 years ago, at 51/2 months due to problems arising from adhesions from a previous operation. I had 4 more operations on my stomach after this then, I had a hernia mesh repair about 3 years ago now. Shortly after this, 3 years ago, I fell pregnant but due to the adhesions forcing my tubes shut this was an ectopic pregnancy. I ended up losing one of my tubes at this point, so I now only have the 1 tube which is 90% blocked from the adhesions, hence IVF.
    I feel a lot better today, I think you have made a great point in your post. It is 4 weeks of our life and if its meant to be then it will happen, if not then so be it.
    I am going to really try to relax and chill out now, ive got 4 days off at the end of this week which I am going to make the most of, hopefully the sun will come out.
    Thank you for being honest with me about the injections as well, thats one less thing to worry about!Sort of!!
    Good luck Daisy Girl and keep me posted.
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