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kitchen timer saves sanity


My DS who's nearly 2 throws a tantrum at a lot of things, as most toddlers do. He does not like me switching off baby TV. He does not like to leave the playground (especially the slide). He won't go to bed at bedtime. My OH says I should just grab him and take him to bed etc and not just let him get away with saying "no, no, no" when I want him to do something.

Anyway, I am trying a new strategy and it seems to be working, so I thought I'll share it with you. I have bought a kitchen timer in the shape of a cute chicken. When I turn on baby TV, I say to DS "when the chicken sings, then mummy has to turn the TV off". I set the timer for maybe 10 or 20 mins or whatever, and then when it eventually rings, I show the timer to DS and say "oh the chicken says it's time to turn off the TV". DS then just seems to accept it, and I make sure I do something that he likes, such as reading his favourite books to him or give him a drink of water.

I have tried this strategy with the timer when I took him to the playground today, and this evening at bedtime. It's working so far. My OH is impressed (I think). I am so proud of DS. Previously he's been so difficult to pacify once he goes into a tantrum. But now, he seems to be happy to do "what the chicken says". :lol:

Mind you, I'd better not tempt fate by going on and on about how good he is, just in case I've jinxed myself.



  • What a fab idea, Imight have to get one of those, Isaac always throws a wobbler when we are leaving the park.
  • I love this idea!!
    OH should be impressed and you should be proud of you for coming up with it!!
  • this is a great idea, chloes tantrums seem to have calmed down bythemselves for now but i will keep it in kmind for future x
  • DS is pretty good with the tantrums so far. the strategy i've taken is to get down on his level and explain the reason he can't/must do something. so far it seems to be working, thought the chicken idea might take precedence soon, esp at bedtime!
  • This is a fab idea - all of mine had tantrums before 2 and I found preparation was everything! I always used to go 'right in 10 mins we're going' then '5 minutes we're going' etc... They like to know where they are and whats coming next - and the timer does that.

    Seriously, I always find it a fight to get them into the bath, than once there it's a fight to get them out again!!!

    Now where did you get the cute chicken one from....?

  • I have one too.................My DD2 is 3 3/4yrs old and not only does it work to stop the paddys but it aslo helps her to sit for a short time(15/20 mins) to do some numbers or play cards as she is a bit of a wonderer lol!

    I even got one for her nursery so that she can start her pre school work on a good note rather then them nagging her to"sit down" all the time lol!

    I would reccomend it to everyone xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • What a fantastic idea, think zachariah is too young atm, but definitely keeping this one up my sleeve for later. Thanks image
  • What a great idea!! I think I might have to try it with my 2 yr old!!
    Where did you get it from hun?? x x x
  • hi
    I bought my timer cheaply from eBay. I think you can buy them in department stores and high street shops.

    Be careful to check the loudness of the ringing. My DS was quite frightened one time when it seemed really loud just because I put it too close to the sofa. Top of the TV is good place - out of reach but easily seen.
  • I got mine from asda, ??2.99....bargin lol!!! The ring is a nice sound too , does make us jump though if we are engrossed in doing a puzzel or something lol!!

    Mine is on the side in the kitchen as thats where we spend most of our time, playing games/drawing. I can slip it in my bag on the way out with them noticing too just incase of a "tense"moment while Im out lol!! It also helps DD2 sit in the trolley for a little longer in the super market too cos she want everyone to hear the ringing noise so keeps on setting it offf lol!

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