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1st IVF Update - UPDATE EC on Monday!

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Hi girls

Just a quick update before we go away for the weekend. We had my first scan this morning after 4 days of stimming. They counted 7 follies - 4 quite a good size (between 10 and 13mm and 3 smaller at around 6mm). Lining is about 6mm. Absolutely no idea what all this means! They seemed happy enough though, no talk of stopping and they gave me more meds. Had a blood test too so they'll call before 6.30 if I have to adjust my meds at all, though I can't think they'll go up since I'm already on 8 ampules of Menopur a day!!

Just so pleased there were any follies at all and that the big dose of meds hasn't made my ovaries go into overdrive!!

We'll be back next week and I have another scan on Monday so will pop on again then.


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  • Hiya Daisy Girl,

    You always sound so positive and cheerful in your posts image

    Glad your follies are bahaving, good luck for monday.

  • Glad its going well. good luck x
  • Hi Daisy girl,
    Congrats and good luck for next week. Ive got my fingers crossed for you and am thinking about you.
    We had our appointment with the nurse on Friday where I was given my puregon pen.
    All tests for my OH are good and I should start my injections in about a week and a half, I am only having injections in a morning though.
    Take Care

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  • Hi bibest

    Not long to wait then! I must say it's good to get going and really isn't as bad as I thought it would be (so far!). We had our next scan yesterday and all seems to be going well still. Not got tons of follies but the ones I have are growing well. Every step is another hurdle to get over, so just taking it a step at a time, but really hoping this time next week we'll be gearing up for embryo transfer.

    Thank you too Mrs Pootle and Annette for your messages :\)

  • Hi girls

    Just another quick update. All seems to be going to plan for our IVF and, as before, I don't have tons of follies, but they are happy for us to go ahead to egg collection on Monday so I have to do my trigger injection tonight! I had 10 follies on my final scan yesterday but about 3 were quite small and might not make it to EC and a couple were pretty big so I'm braced for only about 5 to have good eggs. Am obviously terrified that none of the follies will have good eggs, or that none will fertilise, but this IVF game is all about hurdles and we seem to have got over them all so far, so just going to keep fingers crossed for Monday and try not to think beyond that.

  • Hi DG
    I've replied on LTTTC to wish you all the very best for tomorrow, but just wanted to ask you a couple of quick q's , if that's you might remember , I start ICSI on my Sept period, so I am so appreciative of the experiences you and other ladies have shared.

    So my questions...did you give many things up during down reg/stimms? Like coffee for instance? I am weaning myself off it and am down to one weakish cup a day (as opposed to 3 machine-ground filter coffees!)...just wondered if you had been advised on this? My clinic don't really seem to put any big emphasis on 'lifestyle' stuff, but I guess we all want to do the best we can. Other q is did you experience any bloating/headaches/weight gain during stimms? Thanks very much and I hope you don't mind me asking. xxxx
  • Just to say we got 6 eggs, so just got fingers and toes crossed that we have some embies tomorrow.

    Mrs Bambino - lovely to hear from you. I messaged you on another thread a while ago to see how you were doing. I think I either missed the reply or you missed the post but I was saying how sorry I was to have missed your post about your AMH result. How are you doing? As you may have seen I have a high FSH, which has similar implications, so was v nervous that IVF wouldn't work for us. Still lots of hurdles to jump but 6 eggs today was definitely better than the none I was braced for!

    As for the IVF I've not found the injection stage too bad. They hurt a bit but as far as side effects go I didn't have too many. I was on a very high stim dose to start off with and it made me feel really tired but I carried on as normal for the 2 weeks and was fine. I had no headaches, bloating or weight gain and today is the first day I've felt a bit bloated but considering they've been rootling around in my ovaries I suppose that's par for the course! I didn't change too much for this cycle as I wanted to be quite relaxed. I don't drink tea and coffee anyway so didn't have to give up but haven't drunk alcohol since the cycle started. I've eaten 5 Brazil nuts a day to help my womb lining thicken and have tried to get my 5 fruit and veg a day but otherwise have done everything as normal. Lots and lots of luck to you - do you know when ICSI is likely to start?

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