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Oh yuk!

This is a bit grim actually - about 2 wks ago the whole family was in the garden and lo started really screaming! No one saw what happened but it was obvious she had hurt herself . There wasn't a mark on her so we just comforted her and forgot bout it.

A couple of days later, her big toenail turned black - so that's where she had hurt herself! Then she banged it again, and it bled quite a bit. So I mopped it up, sprayed savlon on it and put on a plaster. Next day the nail wasn't black anymore - so I thought fine!

In the bath tonight I noticed the nail is half hanging off! (Yuk sorry!) There is no blood and it doesn't seem to be hurting her so I have just left it. But I'm a bit worried - will it just come off naturally do you think? and then grow back normally?

What would you lovely ladies do ??



  • My hubby says just leave it be and it will grow back in once the old ones comes off. Sometimes it can heal back on as well!!! Try and make sure she doesnt play with it...

  • I would take her in to your gp's to see the doc or the practice nurse. You don't want it getting infected and best to let them take a look anyway.

    I wouldn't touch it too much in the meantime. Just keep it as clean as possible.

    Poor little mite xx
  • I would take her to get it seen to just in case it gets infected and it will be worse for her and can be very sore. When I was younger I had an ingrowing toenail and had it cut off and it grew back on its own but dont know about children's. Best to get it checked to be sure.
  • Hi Leo did this he dropped something on his toe and the nail went black and started comming off and he kept crying every time i put socks on as it was catching and pulling, so i snipped it off and kept it clean etc and eventually a new one grew back fine, it took a while but it did grow back now you would never know.
    vikki xx
  • Thanks ladies for your replies!

    Well the old nail came off yesterday, and there is just a bare pretty pink toe now! No sign of any injury/infection - so I guess it's just a case of keeping nice and clean and letting the new nail grow back.

    It obviously feels a bit funny to her as she points at it and goes 'oooooh!' but it doesn't seem to hurt her - bless!

    Thanks again ladies,
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