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HELP please

hey mummies,

just crashing from pregnancy (expecting baby no2 in two weeks!)

my 18m.o has been pretty ill the last couple of days and wondered if anyone knew what it could be.

on thursday night i was up and down all night with him, he was crying in his sleep and fussing and had a wee bit of a temperature (gave him calpol which helped a bit).
friday he was grumpy and whingy and so clingy with me, not himself at all. it was horrible to see!
last night was ok, he was up a couple of times and did cry in his sleep once of twice but not as bad as thursday.
now, today, he has had one diarrhoea nappy and vomitted once too. he was clingy to me for most of the day but still played about really well, considering he wasnt well.
he has a few faint red spots around his nappy area and one or two most other places.

trust this to get worse over weekend as docs is closed! i orignally thought it was his teeth. please help. docs first thing on monday but any advice would be well appreciated!!!!

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  • hi hun, perhaps its chickenpox? or measels? not sure, if it was either you would have expected the spots to have broken out all over by now but not all kids get loads of spots, i would ring your doctor on call or NHS direct and get him checked out, i would say its his canines or back teeth cutting as all the signs point to that but better to eb safe than sorry. xxxxxxxxx
  • Sounds like a bug to me hun. There are loads of nasty bugs around at the moment - and if he's playing rather than flaked out on the sofa, hopefully it's not that serious.

    I would keep treating him with calpol, keep an eye on his temp, and offer plenty of fluids (but not milk as he has been sick).

    If he's not getting any better you can call the doc on Monday.

  • hi - hope your lo is a bit better. it is always worse on weekends and typically at night too! any concerns call either your out of hours doctor or the nhs helpline as Diane has said. they will tell you whether to treat at home or take to a 24 hour doctor.
    i have called them a few times, once i was reassured and advised to stay at home and a few times i was advised to take him to the emergency dr. he was based over half an hour away which at night is a pain to get to but on 2 of these occassions my lo was admitted to hospital (asthma) so i feel confident in getting correct advise from these helplines.
  • hey mummies,
    thanks for all your advice. i phoned NHS24 this morning as the spots got much worse. this has happened before (sickness, diarrhoes, spots) and we originally thought it was pox, thankfully it wasnt! but the doctor i spoke to just said to give him regular doses of calpol (i give him neurofen as i find this works better in this case, esp with temp) and i also had allerief, so have given him regular doses of that in case its an allergy (we havent changed anything though so doubt its that!). he has been ok, still pretty off and not eating much but he is in bed now so hopefully he has a better sleep tonight (last night i was up till 3am! luckily the dose of neurofen i gave him at 3am helped him sleep till quarter to ten),
    i will keep an eye on him, in case it is his teeth, and am going to make an appointment with doc tomorrow just to be safe as I would rather know, even if it is just teeth. (his doctor is lovely and always helps, even if its just a chat at the end of the day!).
    so thanks for all your help, put my mind at ease! will let you know how we get on tomorrow image

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