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Hi ladies,

Last night I had quite a bit of pain, like period type pain, I know this can be normal but you cant help but worry can you!

Well I've also been a little constipated the last few days & thought maybe it was something to do with that as well so went to the loo & turns out I've got an upset tum!! Was up on the loo all night with a runny tummy!!!!

Im only 5+5 and a bit worried has anyone got any advice of what I can do to try & ease it I cant even drink something without it going through me!!! Sorry I know I sound extra paranoid but cant help it xx


  • That funny coz i had the very same when i was about 7 weeks. I thought it was something i had eaten coz my we boy was really sick as well.

    Im afraid there is nothing you can really take. Is water going straight through as well? I couldnt keep water in so eventually i stopped sipping water as well for a good 8 hours. I then started with tiny sips and then a tiny bit of toast.

    I was ill from the friday night until about the monday. Just chill and stay in bed and rest

    Hope you feel better soon

    Gemm x
  • Thanks Gemm I think that's what im going to do, my aunty said yesterday she had a upset tum like a 24hr thing overnight I only saw her breifly at my front door yesterday when she dropped something off!!! Im gona stay on the sofa all day & take it easy then, thanks hun xx
  • i was like that at the beginning, one minute constipated, the next i could get off the loo!!

    it has a lot to do with the hormones in your body, it does effect the digestion process.

    just rest up, and sip little bits of water, or even very dilute squash just to keep your sugar levels up xx
  • Yeah quite normal! Hopefully it'll settle soon. xx

  • Thank you ladies, I have been on the sofa all day taking it easy!! xx
  • Are you feeling any better yet? Hopefully by tomorrow you will be right as rain

    Gemm x
  • Hi Gemm,

    I feel a bit better thank you,I managed a little bit of dinner as it was light. It feels more like hunger pains now LOL. Have been feeling really sick today so think it's a mix of hunger & tiredness am gona try & have a bit of toast to feel the gap.

    Thanks for asking after me thats really sweet of you

    Laura xxx
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