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I never thought i'd say this but..

I envy you ladies so much!! I had my daughter almost 6 weeks ago and i miss being pregnant so much!!! :cry:

Don't get me wrong when i was pregnant, i couldn't stand it. I was over the moon that i was having a baby but the whole pregnancy thing just wasn't for me.

I had lots of people saying "enjoy it while you can. You'll miss it when your baby's here" and i just thought that was utter rubbish. Turns isn't! :lol:

Sorry for the nonsense post, but for you1st time ladies who are feeling a bit fed up and down as i was most of the time, just cherish every minute and remember that the end result is the most amazing thing in the world!

Good luck to you all!

P.S this doesn't mean i'm going to get pregnant again straight away. You may see me around these parts again in 3-4 years :lol:

Vicky xxxx


  • Thats a lovely post hun. I am really struggling at the moment and cant wait to have these babies but people do tell you to enjoy this bit and I think 'pah...yeah, right!'. Lovely to read a positive post from someone who didnt enjoy pregnancy. Congrats on your baby girl.

    Gemma and Double Blue Bump 27 weeks xxx
  • Hey Vicky,

    Thanks for the words. As keen as I am for my LO to arrive, I am enjoying the trip - I like being fat and not having to make excuses! I like the attention and having something to plan for and look forward to - plus I dont have to deal with the fact that I have no clue what I will be doing yet!!

    Having said that, I do hope your enjoying your new little nipper! At 6 weeks I can imagine she is probably still quite a tiring handful? How is it going? - Im dead nervous for that first know, the first 5 years or so!!


    28+2 in to my baby boy
  • Congratulations on your LO. I'm really enjoying pregnancy, and as much as I can't wait for my baby to arrive I know I'm going to miss this time.

    That said like you I won't be straight back here though! Think I'll enjoy my LO first before thinking of any more.

    Hope you cherish each moment you have with your little girl as I'm sure like people keep telling me they'll be all grown up before we know it.
  • Ha ha glad your finding my post a bit useful.

    Happyjadsgirl its absolutly amazing. The love you feel for your baby when your pregnant is immense, but once they are here its just crazy love!

    Having said that, it is hard work and she is a pretty good baby. She only cries when she's hungry though which is pretty good. That unfortunately means at 3am. She feeds between every 3-4 hours so we can usually get a pretty good nights sleep too.

    I'm having a brerak from her today as i have a sickness bug so hubby is looking after her and it feels so bizarre not running round after her!

    You'll love every minute of it. Even the ones that are filled with screaming! image
  • Vicky - 'even the ones filled with screaming' from your fingers to gods monitor!!

    I am looking forward to it, but it is scary! I think im normal for being scared though, I would be worried about someone that wasn't concerned by such a big unexplored challenge in front of them!!

    Its good that you are aware of how much you miss being pregnant - imagine how much you'll relish it next time!!

    x x x x
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