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i have just been on ff logging my temp this morning and it reckons that i have bd at the correst times and i have a high chance. it has recommended that i test on the 14th aug so i have given my tests to oh to hide and i will not use them till the 14th. that way if af does decided to appear i will not waste tests till im late.


  • What a good idea giving them to oh to hide, maybe you should get him to hide your purse too just in case you decide to nip into boots or superdrug!! lol. xxxx
  • well thats the only thing i need to stop myself from but im hoping the fact that i have 2 tesco tests and 2 cb dig that i will refrain from spending the
  • Excellent idea. My oh doesnt know i have any tests i have just never told him that i had any left lol
  • Hey hun! Thats when FF have told me to test too! We can be testing buddies lol! Make sure we dont crack!
  • hi hun, sounds like a plan. Be good to have someone to keep in what does it say for your due date.xx
  • I have got to hold off til the 6th....finding it hard already!

    Good luck for the 14th!!

  • Hi hun!
    It says the 20th of April 2010! Woop! 3 days after the mr's birthday!
    It would be brilliant to find out on the 14th because it was the 14th of august last year i found out i was pregnant (unfortunately ended in a mmc) it feels lucky! xxxxxx
  • mine says 19th so we would be due round about same time. oh hun that would be nice to find out then. my anniversary on the 19th so it be a nice pressie.xx
  • That would be a brilliant pressie!! You could get your man a card in it saying too daddy or your gonna be a daddy or something like that if you can hold it in long enough! lol xxxx
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