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I don't usually ss BUT.....

I have heartburn i have had it on and off for the past 3 days i never get it - last time i got it was when preg and before i got my bfp last month

I also have so mush cm its mad i am def past ov by now but i am still *moist* :lol: - I didnt notice this last time but i am quiet a dry *tmi* person

I am feeling slightly hopeful. I am also hoping that if nothing elce af will be here soon and can ttc properly again after mc so all in all i have quite a lot of PMA PMA PMA :lol::lol:

I havent poas and i will not - i have some hidden af due around 7/8th so we will see. I have been wondering if i could hold out testing till i am a whole 2 weeks late have to see lol


  • Oh fingers crossed for you hun deffo sounds positive! PMA all the way!!! xxx
  • Hi Gembags

    My AF is due 7th/8th too and I have vowed not to test until I'm 4 days late, so that makes my test date the 11th - perhaps we could be POAS Buddies LOL !

    Anyway, sounds like you've got some positive signs, hope it's a BFP for you x
  • good luck - lots of sticky baby dust to you - symptons sound good!!!

    my AF is due today I think but still no sign yet - gonna wait at least a week before I would test though (well try anyways)!

    Lyndsey x
  • smiles - we can poas together lol

    Doing well waiting for late af everyone xx
  • dont you dare test gembags!!

  • i am not even thinking of testing i have been rushing to the toilet and going pee quick lol I have even moved my pee pot out the bathroom so im not tempted
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