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Got my Cycle Day 3 blood test results today

My Gonadotrophin levels are satisfatory (Not really sure what this means I will google! but satisfactory is good so thats ok!!) and i have to have my CD21 bloods repeated. Not sure why they need to be repeated. The receptionist gave me the results so she didn't know.

Thanks for reading. Babydust xx

ETS - Gonadotrophin is LH and FSH. What did we all do before Google? image

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  • Aw thats good shell, i dont know what it is either but like you say if is satisfactory then its not bad image
    I wonder if they lost your sample for 21 day bloods or something silly like that.
    Hopefully it will be sorted soon x
  • They didn't lose them because I saw the dr about them I remember now she said they were "on a level" so maybe thats why. xx

    P.s I love your avatar pic!
  • Oh i see so they want to check them again.

    Thanks its so cute isnt it hehe
  • Hi Hun

    Pleased to hear that your blood tests results came back OK. My understanding is that LH and FSH is something to do with your hormone profile.

    It was based on these results that the consultant confirmed i had PCOS - so its good that they have come back normal.

    I guess they will want to do a 21 day blood test to see if you have ovulated.

    Have they suggested what is next if these are OK?
  • Glad all was 'satisfactory'! X
  • Suzannah no they haven't said what next. I guess i'll have to wait for the results of the ultrasound she has booked me in for x
  • Hey ShellK,

    Just wanted to say that all sounds good - if your levels are satisfactory now then there is obviously nothing staring them in the face as 'abnormal' - that's what the doc told me my results were! :cry: I guess they just want to do the 21 bloods again to make sure. Maybe they didn't get enough to test last time? The LSH and FSH are what you need to ovulate though so if those levels are fine then that sounds really positive.

    Good luck!

    S xx
  • Thanks hun. It gave me a bit of PMA I must admit! Im still waiting for my ultrasound appointment to see if they can see anything! I really want normal length periods and less spotting! xx
  • Hi There, image

    I was diagnosed with PCOS about 2 years ago, after coming off the pill and not having a period for over a year. I just wondered if anyone had any advice / reviews of the Gonadotrophin injections? My Dr has prescribed me Norethisterone & Clomid on 2 occasions, I had a withdrawal bleed but did not ovulate on either occasion, My Dr has prescribed this one last time however he said he is very dubious that it will work, but wanted to ensure he had given it a fair shot. After this occasion if nothing happens he has advised he would like to start me on Gonadotrophin injections as of October, however he mentioned several side effects which concerned me.

    Has anyone tried the injections yet? Did you suffer from side effects? Is there any success stories as currently I’m left feeling anxious and worried that nothing is ever going to work.

    Any help advice is much appreciated..


    Thank you



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