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Christenings - who to invite?

I have just booked Caleb's christening today and I am wondering who exactly should I invite? Obviously people we want there but I mean is it rude if I dont invite all close family and friends?

We will be getting him christened when I wont be on any wages/smp and I would like to at least feed/water (hehe more like wine) the people who come so I need to budget well but I dont want too offend. :\?


  • i invited 40 adults and 20 children but only 38 actually could come. we paid 50 quid for a rro in a pub and i did the catering myself. i just wanted to say though that i went to supermarket and bought loads of food and i mean loads of trad party foodssandwiches crisps peanuts saus rolls quiche pizza salads pork pie saus on sticks pineapple on sticks etc etc and lots of puddings for ??100 my mum paid for food anyway so we did it all for ??150 cus it was in pub everyone bought their own beer and my friend made the cake. i invited immediate family and close friends. food worked out at about ??2 a head which really surprised me and i bought decorations of a website. so all in all really cheap good luck xx
  • Honestly - whoever you want.

    I've not had my LO christened, but I've been to a few family christenings were distant relatives think the point of the christening is for them to meet the baby. I agree it's a nice opportunity to show the baby off, but if it were me, and money is tight, I wouldn't invite anyone who hasn't made any effort to meet LO before the christening (unless they are christened really young) and probably won't make any effort to see them afterwards - I think I mean relatives who think they;re entitled because they're relatvies. Tallkatie is right, anyone who's offended doesn't deserve an invite - invite those who will help make it a special day for you
  • Charlotte's christening is in Sept and we only have 20 people coming (and that includes us). It's just very close family and a couple of close friends. I didn't want a big do - done that with my wedding and never again lol! xx
  • We asked my mum, dad, sister, hubby's mum and her bloke, sil and her hubby and two kids (but only she came grrrr), 6 friends and their children and hubby's dad and his latest woman. Lol long winded I know. We didn't bother with other family as we did it at our house after the chruch and if we didn't draw the line somewhere we would have a house full of people who we didn't really want there.
  • Close friends and family is the best way to go about it, cos a christening is such an intimate affair. Your extended family and other friends can meet the baby when he/she is bigger, in my opinion. But if you are on a budget, I'd stick to just immediate family and the closest friends! 


    Have you decided on other details of the christening? Like a theme and decor, christening invitations and all that? It's so much fun planning the first event in your baby's life? I can't wait to go through all that.

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