How is everyone else doing it?


I have MILs 60th birthday to go to - shes planned that we'll be at hers for lunch then we'll go to a kiddie type pub for them to play for a few hours (think wacky warehouse type but she wont elaborate silly woman) then eat there as well, and then if were still hungry later that we'll be getting a take out back at hers (she's assuming were staying the night... wish i didnt have to)

I have an outfit on the way (thank you to whoever it was that posted the link for ages ago, i love the site!) image its just some fancy leggings and a long top, with some fab shoes, so nothing over the top but still, hopefully, a good outfit...

but I am a size 14 now, when pre babies i was a size 8.... I now weigh anything between 9st and 9st 6 depending on the food ive eaten and the exercise ive done... and i used to weigh 7st wet through :lol:
I'm not too bothered about having lost the weight for her party, but ultimately I want to get back to a smaller size and a lighter weight... not 7st but something like 8 stone, maybe a size 10 would be nice... - the other reason for this is that the majority of clothes I have that fit now are clothes MIL has foisted onto me, and I want to start dressing like me again, not like MIL as its depressing wearing her clothes, and i cant even think about what OH, or MIL thinks about that... I want to fit back into some of my old clothes! No all of them, but some of them at least... And I couldnt say no to the clothes coz i cant afford to buy a whole new wardrobe in my size

trouble is I have ZERO motivation. Apart from walking with the kids in the big double and going out with the dog once they've gone to bed I dont really *get chance* to do any other exercise... I say that like that because I'm sure OH would love to laugh at me jiggling my bits once the kids are in bed but I dont like that thought...
I thought about joining the gym, but we discussed it and had to put the money towards another day in nursery for Ollie, so that money is gone, plus I couldnt justify spending ??30 a week for 12 months for the gym, and I'd have had to go at least 3 times a week to get my moneys worth which just wont be possible when i go back to work in 8ish weeks...
I thought about weight watchers, and discussed it with OH, but he doesnt like the idea of me counting all my meals in points (and thus his meals..) He struggles to keep weight on with his job so cant really afford to eat less than he does! :lol: He already eats enough for 3 people! image so I think we've kinda ruled out WW (I tried him with stuffed peppers the other day and he said it was a bit fancy...) the other downfall with WW is the time it takes/money it costs to do the meals, I have a typical 2 yr old monster and MJ who is nearly 5 months (where did that time go?) so can just about scrape half an hour to throw things together usually, and OH isnt much cop at making meals :lol: he has his staples he can cook but gets v confuddled trying anything else.
Oh and I detest Special K (sorry as i know people are on that diet! )
I do still have to make sure i eat plenty for MJ to have enough milk... and I do know my downfall (Once again, craved it after Ollie and put loads of weight on!) is ice cream... yummy, but i think thats just dairy im craving as i'll quite happily sit and eat yoghurts, ice cream, milkshakes, angel delight (for the milk) big bowls of cereal drenched in milk ... :lol:

So after my long mumblings..... (well done for getting this far!)

What I'd like to know is how you have decided to lose weight, how much time it takes each day, any pros/cons of it (WW inc image ), how much it costs (if you dont mind sharing) and also if you dont mind, how much you're losing by doing it.....

I want to shift the weight, but as I said I have no motivation whatsoever... :cry: I always start with the best intentions but just stop and dont carry on... i can see it being worse now I have use of the car!!! :lol:

Thanks in advance image


  • Oh i know how you feel hun! I was sooo tiny before i had kids, and after having Jack (i lost weight while pregnant) I ballooned to almost 12 stone, which considering i'm not even 5' was very large. I lost a lot of it while pregnant with Luca, then slowly put a lot of it back on again! Since having Bella i'm now a stone lighter than i was before falling pregnant, but i still have at least a stone, probably closer to 2 to lose. I started weight watchers, mainly to ensure i was eating properly for milk production but to be honest because they allow you so many more points when you're breastfeeding i'm not losing anything from that! I have a wii, and have wii fit and my fitness coach, but like you i dont get time in the day and feel a bit awkward in front of OH, who sits there sniggering at me!
    What i've started doing now is going for a really long walk in the evening with the pram - i live in a hilly area, so i use that to my advantage! Its been helpful with Bella too who is wuite fretful in the evenings, it seems to settle her off to sleep.
    I was also going to say, when you've had a baby, in a lot of areas you can get gym membership on prescription from your doctor! One of my friends did it, she had 3 babies very close together and got free WW and gym membership for a year. My GP refused me because i had already lost weight so he said that proved i could do it on my own (he's a miserable git)
    So maybe pop along to your GP and see if they do something like that in your area? xxx
  • Have a look at tesco diets, I used them and thought they were very good, there is a huge range of family friendly food, you just give oh and the lo's bigger portions. I think it was about ??12 so much cheaper than ww. I lost a fairly steady 2-4lb a week untill I decided I was bored of being on a diet by which point I was back to the weight I was before having Barney. It took about 30 mins once a week to sort out what we were having, and then a couple of mins for each meal to check how much I was supposed to have, but it was dead easy and some of the recipies were delicous. They gave me about 400 calories extra allowance for bfing as well, I just emailed them after I'd signed up.
  • Im sure there may be someone on here that would likt to be your weight losing buddy?
    You can give each other inspiration!

  • Some of us are doing a weekly weigh-in in the april 09 forum which will hopefully encourage us a bit, so you can pop over there and see if you like it?
    I'm trying davina mccalls latest exercise dvd and its fab, it works out everything. I do it some afternoons when im not feeling too lazy and when Tegan is napping, Leo will watch and laugh at me if hes awake.
    Its about 2 hours long but i only do 45mins or so unless the the kids are both asleep.
    Ive cut out chocolate, crisps and sweets in exchange for more fruit.
    I only started this last week so I'm not sure if i have lost anything but fingers crossed.


  • I have an outfit on the way (thank you to whoever it was that posted the link for ages ago, i love the site!) image its just some fancy leggings and a long top, with some fab shoes, so nothing over the top but still, hopefully, a good outfit...

    image it was me and i LOVE the site too! They have fab customer service as well, i ordered a dress from them and after only one wash the zip had kind of warped and wouldn't fasten. I sent it back with no invoice (because i probably threw it out :roll: ) and they sent me a replacement with no questions asked.

    Anyway, i'm not much help with the weight, i don't really get it to be honest because i weigh more than i did pre pregnancy but am a dress size smaller!!!??? I put on over 4 stone when preggers so have lost most of it but would like to loose a stone but can't even think about it until i stop breast feeding as i am always sooooo hungry!

    I remember as soon as Zach was running around i could never sit still so the weight just dropped off, so maybe with 2 of them running around we'll be super models!!! :lol:

    Don't stress about it hun, i have seen your pics and you look perfect and def not overweight!!!!

  • Thanks for all the ideas ladies - I went for a nice long walk yesterday by the canal and felt really good, but then got up this morning after a night full of MJ screaming and shouting (and refusing to feed) and being a madam and with this flippin cold i just didnt feel like going for a walk again today (plus it was raining... happens a lot here :lol: )

    My boohoo package came today though, and most of it is great cpt they sent a wrong item... the label says its what i ordered, but the clothing itself isnt (it should have lace bottoms on it but theres no lace at all anywhere and loads of zips all over it! image )
    Have emailed them about it to see what they say I should do....

    I will now go and hunt out that dvd while i remember, and read up about the tesco diets.... (OH might like that one) and i will pop into April to join the other thread..
    I think i need to cut out the choc biccies, crisps and ice cream but i just cant bring myself to do that.... :lol:

    any more ideas are always welcome image

  • I have the same problem.. well sorta - if I weighed what you weigh now I'd be happy lol! I also have bugger all motivation and eat too much crap!

    I did lose about a stone (although i think some went back on) but that was as a result of 2 tummy bugs and 3 days a week walking up a hill to nusery!!

    We are trying (and failing while i'm feeling rough) to not eat pudding but to go on the wii fit at night - it worked last week!

    Um.. I'm also trying to snack on cereal (jordans crunchy cereal dry is quite nice) instead of choccy. uit works sometimees

    Do let me know if you find the easy way to lose weight while still eating chocolate :d
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