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Hey ladies, without starting a HUGE debate about breast/bottlefeeding - I missed the section this am with the midwife. Did any of you catch it? What was she talking about?

I had the school run so completely missed it. I am nosey and want to find out what she was saying




  • I am at work so didnt see it either unfort
  • I saw a bit of it. From what i saw, I think the midwife was saying that as the emphasis is so very heavily on promoting breastfeeding, new parents were given very little, or in some cases, absolutely no advice, on bottle feeding. Things like the importance and exactly how to wash and rinse bottles and the bits for them, washing your hands, using sterilised things straightaway or otherwise re-sterilising. I didn't see much of the piece sorry - maybe there was more said.

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  • Thanks Rhian2! I get the jist now
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