OT - spiders, is anyone else as daft as me?

Yesterday as I was coming home with Cally I opened the front door and a huge spider went in in front of us - I am ok with small ones now, although hubby has to remove them if they move or are above the bed. But this was huge. I knew I couldn't go in with it there so I had to try and kill it but I missed twice! And then it ran under the sitting room door - God, it could move fast! Now I def couldn't go in cos it knew I had tried to kill it! But Cally needed her dinner. My parents live round the corner so I thought I would go there but they were out and was an hour till hubby was due in from work. If it hadn't been for Cally needing dinner I would have just taken her for s long walk. I ran in and put Cally in her cot upstairs and then went and made some sarnies quicker than have ever made them before, and we had a picnic on Cally's bedroom floor - she thought it was great fun! My parents came on their way home and tried to find it but couldn't - how pathetic am I? I am a 41 year old grandma and my elderly parents have to come and try and rescue me form a spider!! Over 24 hours later I am still looking out for it everywhere I go and have not been in bare feet since I saw it! I know the house is probs full of spiders - but I have seen this one and know it is lurking somewhere! I have to hide upstairs again tonight as hubby is at work! I can't believe what a wimp I am!!


  • Oh god i'm exactly the same but with butterflies and moths!! I cant stand them, if theres one in the house then i can't be in there, and if i come across one when i'm outside, i either freeze and can't move or i scream and run! I know its silly and irrational but i just can't help it, so i totally understand where you're coming from! xxx
  • We used to get huge moths in our old house, my parents lived 3 miles away and I was a single parent then but I used to make my dad come over to save me!! Butterflies I don't mind and small moths are ok but the ones with the big hairy bodies are awful.
  • I am pleased to be able to say that I can now put spiders, even big ones, out of the house image I have always been petrified of them, but the combination of living in a house where we get quite a lot, and having a small boy who will eat ANYTHING means I've had to start putting them out. Millie and I get a wine glass, and a piece of card, and go spider hunting. I am very proud of myself for at least not letting her know that I still don't like them!!
    I can really sypathise though, pre Barney I would have been running from the house quaking as well!!
  • yeuch, that made me shiver just thinking about it! We have a butterfly farm near us and my lo really wants to go, but i just can't! Strangely enough though, i'm fine with birds and bats, and actually think they're cute! xxx
  • OMG im the same! I swear a spider tried to drown me once! lol
    I was in the bath and went to dunk my head and saw the evil thing on the ceiling. It quickly shot down on its web (preying on my fears!!!) and slowly got lower and lower, i was petrified and put my head farther and farther under water until i was completely submerged. when i couldnt hold my breath any more it suddenly shot back up. I was absolutly terrified!
    I too am pathetic! lol
  • Yeah, my mam said the spider would be more scared of me but I very much doubt it!! I think they are cleverer that we give them credit for. I once got dad to kill a huge one behind the kitchen door and then when he went home I went up to bed and there was an identical huge one under my duvet!! Think it was its pal out for revenge!!
  • Anything is worth a try - there is a huge conker tree next to my school and not long til conker season - think I will be out wrestling the kids for them.
    I don't like wasps but have to deal with them cos hubby is a right wuss with them. And I did learn to get better with spiders when I was a single parent. I once went on a course for school about minibeasts and held a tarantula (only cos the other people were, there were only 5 of us turned up and I didn't want to seem a coward - I did show myself up though when I almost screamed as it started to move up my arm) - I though it would have cured me of my fear of spiders but next morning there was a big one in the dogs water bowl and I couldn't change the water! My son has inherited my fear - if moths or spiders came in his room he would throw books at them to kill them so he didn't have to go too near. He is now 20 and 6'3" and still very unlikely to get rid of a spider for me!! xx
  • Oh I can get that, i cant even look at pictures of them or them on the tv ! Why do they always seem to show up if your own your own !! My hubby just picks 'em up and chucks 'em out no problems !

    Once when I lived at home I had one in my bedroom (my room was the converted garage) and my Mum killed it with the broom but I didnt notice and its HUGE dead body fell in a bowl of marshmallows I was eating !! Then the following day an identical one (and btw these we practically the size of my hand) was crawling along the outside door to my bedroom so I couldnt get in my room. I was alone in the house and just in flimsy pj's. I had no phone to ring for help, I ran next door whenmy Mums then boyfriend lived but he was out so I ran up the road to my nan & grandads. When I got ther my nan thought my mum had dropped dead or something as by this time i was hyperventilating. She gave me some brandy to calm me ! LOL. Anyway my grandad went up and caught it in a spider catcher but then bought it back to "show me" that he had caught it sending me again into panick attacks !

    We quite often get them in the ladies at work and my colleagues think its hilarious when i run out the loos crying !!
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