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FAO anyone with the Quinny Buzz

One of the tyres has a puncture on my buzz, how do I fix it? Should I just get a normal puncture repair kit? I asked oh this morning but he said it depends if it has an inner tube?
I'm gonna have to get a new pump as well as oh broke the one that come with it :x


  • Hiya, it has inner tubes and you Im pretty sure you just repair it like a normal puncture, I think mine actually came with a repair kit?!? You need to "knock" the spoke bit out to get to it though, and a normal bike pump will do the job to inflate it too.

  • I haven't got s Buzz, but as far as I know the tyres are the same as on my Chameleon. They do have an inner tube so you just need a normal cycle puncture repair kit. Take the wheel with you if you need to get a pump as not all of them work very well because of the angle of the valve.
  • Hey, i have the buzz and have used a normal puncture repair kit and it worked fine. xxx
  • hi hun,

    i've just recently repaired 6 yes 6 punctures in one inner tube!!! we just used a normal repair kit!

    my pump that i got witrh my buzz broke as well! seems like that was a quality product!

  • Hi how do i take the inner tube out of the surrounding wheel of a quinny buzz 

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