Chattering and hitting - advice pls?!?!?

Help!! Have a few questions I hope you ladies can help with!!!

My usually very happy baby seems to have been a grump for two weeks now and I don't know what to do!!!! Ava is now 15wks

Ava has been chattering away - to the point of being very noisy and shouty!! - from quite a young age. She would babble away for agaes. Then, all of a sudden, the past two weks, she has been very quiet - should I be worried?

This coinsides with her starting to wake in the night again crying, but not hhungry, and needing help setting. She has also given up napping in the day (!!!) - do you think they could be related? Maybe teeth?!

Also, she seems to be hitting EVERYTHING!!!!! Toys, me, her bottle, everything. Is this just a normal learning pahse ir is this a bit odd??

Thks ladies x x


  • The hitting, I believe, is because it's another way of discovering and learning about things. Oscar did it until he learnt to properly pick things up but still likes to give things a proper good whack! I don't think it's anything to worry about, he's never tried to hit another child - just mummy and daddy lol.

    The waking in the night is probably related to the lack of daytime sleep. It really is true that at that age that the more sleep they get the more they need. I have no idea how to force a child to nap, but perhaps try putting her in bed, drawing the curtains and reading to her or playing her soothing lullabies will help her relax. At that age I still loved to have Oscar sleep in my arms for his naps so I'd put the tv on mute, read him a story then just whisper inane babble at him to soothe him to sleep - I'd need to put the tv back on when he was asleep to stop myself sleeping too lol.

    As for the quiet, Oscar goes very quiet whenever he learns a new physical still. I barely heard I peep out of him last week when he learnt how to stand up without pulling himself up on something. Has she learnt a new skill recently? I wouldn't worry, but if it goes on for more than a month mention it to your hv. It could also be that she's fascinated by the world and is keeping quiet to take it all in.

    Hth xxx
  • Hi

    That would make sense. She has started being able to grab/hold/reach out for things much better the past two weeks, as well as being able to support herself better in a sitting (supported) position so maye she has been concentrating on that..... I think maybe her grumpiness may be frustration thinking about it (coupled wiht the tiredness) then as she does keep dropping things she wants to be holding.... that coupled with lack of sleep, maybe it could all be replated then! Thanks for your reply, defo given me more piece of mind!
  • They're sent to try us I'm afraid :lol:

    She sounds like she's come on really well the past couple of weeks. Little star image
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