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Hair Loss

Hey girls

Jack is nearly 4 months old and for the past 2 weeks my hair has been falling out by the clump load! Im starting to worry as its everywhere and jack pulls on it and gets a nice clump too which he proceds to shove in his mouth!
How long does hair loss last after giving birth? Also can i do anything about it? How do i know when its too much? I have quite thick hair so be a while before i went bald but defianlty feels thinner! Any advice gratefully recieved! xx


  • Oh hun try not to worry as this is perfectly normal...easier said than done I know though.
    Basically when you are pregnant your hair stops coming out the way it would naturally which is why you have lovely thick hair in pregnancy. Then when bubs is around 3 months+ it starts to come out, so everything you built up, now falls out!
    It really does feel like your going bald but I promise you you won't.:\)

    Mine was coming out in bucket loads and I too remember posting on here lol.
    I think mine lasted till lo was about 8months. I think it does vary though.
    There isn't much you can do I'm afraid but try not to worry. Most mummy's have been through it and hopefully we all still have hair. xxx
  • My hair fell out for about 6 weeks and it is scoking to how much comes out. I lost lots around my temples and could not tie my hair back as you could see through to the scalp.

    Do not worry it does grow back and for a while you have furry patches. I can see mine growing back at my hairline quite quickly.
  • mine's falling out by the handful, dh says it worst than having a dog at the moment. Even my hairdresser can't believe how thin my hairs got so i'm hoping it stops soon.
  • Yeah mine fell out too! It probably lasted up until Lo was 3 - 4 months or so. It is normal and happens to just about everyone. I still notice mine falls out more than it used to and my lo is 15 months...I've never noticed it thinning though, it's as thick as it ever was.
  • Me Too! My hair used to be pretty thick and looked lush in pregnancy, ever since it's been falling out in chunks. LO is now 11mths and still coming out but a lot less now and had a good haircut too! Not quite bald yet! hehe
  • my hair is still coming out & Sian is 11 months
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