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Erin was admitted to hospital last night :cry:

Erin has been having a cold since friday. She has not been sleeping but otherwise didn't seem too bad. Yesterday morning she seemed worse so i made a g.p's appointment for yesterday at 1730 a sit and wait appointment as no others avaliable.

It was also my birthday yesterday and we were meant to be going to little Hampton beach for the day, but decided she wasn't up to it and we thought we would just take her to the our local zoo as we have annual passes and we thought it might take her mind off her cold and cough. We stopped in the resturant but Erin obviously was getting a lot worse so we left and went home.

By the time we got home she was very short of breath and crying constantly - a cry i have never heard from her b4. We just went straight to the GP's even though it wasn't time for her appointment yet. When we were in the waiting room erin continued to cry and her breathing seemed worse, she seemed a funny colour as well. When we saw the gp i was getting a bit annoyed because i knew something was very wrong i just knew it, it was a feeling i have never had before. But the doctor was saying things like are you first time parents and i thought he was being a bit patronising, we took her top off for him to listen to her chest but he couldn't really hear cos she was crying so much, so he said go back to the waiting room try and calm her down and we will listen again. Erin continued to cry i felt angry at the doctor for not doing something but i dont know what he could have done i was just so worried. Paul took Erin outside and walked her around until we were called back in, she feel asleep and we manged to keep her asleep whilst the doc listened to her chest and he said she was using her stomach muscles to help her breath which is a sign that breathing is too hard work for her, he said he noticed it b4 but thought it was cos she was so upset but it was still hard work for her to breath when she was asleep, he said her chest was too deep when she was breathing in. I was really panicky. He took her o2 levels and i looked at the machine and it said 89% which i know is bad from my job. I have never done this b4 but i just snapped and said how come her sats are so low, he obviously knew i had some medical knoweldge and he looked at me and said has she had this done b4, i said know i have been a senior staff nurse for four years and I know what your sats should be (feel like a bit of a twat now for being so show offy for want of a better word), i started to explain that i thought there was something really worng with her and he agreed and referred her stariaght to the hospital and gave her a nebulisers to help her as by this point her lips were blue colour and so was her skin and she looked like she had passed out not just asleep.

We got the hosital and she was admitted to an isolation bay and all the doctors and nurses were gowned up with masks on. Erin was put on hourly inhalers which were horrible she hates them, and she had antibiotics. She has been diagnosed with viral pnemonia. however cos the symptoms are similar to swine flu she has been started on tamiflu and swabbed. they will call us today with the results. In early hours of this morning the registrar came to assess Erin and said she seemed much better, and it was up to us we could take her home and administer the inhalers ourselves or stay in, well by this time she seemed so much better and was sleeping well. She was a nice pink colour and o2 levels were up. Me and Paul were so tired and it was so busy there, they were lovely but i just wanted to take her home. So we got home early hours and they siad if we are worried within the next 24 hours we can go straight back to the ward we were on.

She is currently dancing to waybuloo and seems miles better it is a struggle with the inhalers but we are giving inhalers to her teddies and sticking stickers all over her spacer and i named it sammy so far she still hates it but its helping her such a lot.

Sorry for the long post just wanted to let you all know, trust your instincts i knew she was very unwell. What a crap way to spend your birthday !! thanks for reading.


  • Oh my god. How scarey for you all! Poor Erin, I wish her a really speedy recovery hun.

    Elaine & boys xxxxxxxxx
  • awwww poor Erin. In my eyes youstayed very calm, I think if it was me I would have been running around the GP's waiting room screaming lol

    I really hope things improve for you all hun x
  • Poor poor Erin, and poor poor you!

    I'm sorry you've had such a hard time of it, but I'm glad she seems to be on the mend. I'm glad you trusted your instincts, and I'll try and remember to trust mine from here on in.

    Big hugs to you both xxx
  • omg poor erin, bless her n omg you must have been so scarec hoping she makes a speedy recovery xxxx
  • omg poor erin, bless her n omg you must have been so scarec hoping she makes a speedy recovery xxxx
  • aww poor erin hope she makes a speedy recovery. x and well done you for staying so calm!
  • I hope she is better soon
  • awww poor erin ,glad u went with your instincts ,my best friends ds would have died if she hadnt followed hers so i learnt my lesson then ..hugs hun xx
  • Hope she's freeling better very soon

  • poor Erin, what a scary way to spend your birthday!!! I hope she's feeling better very soon xxxx
  • Poor Erin and poor you, must have been really scary hope shes feeling better soon. xx
  • Poor Erin. Good to hear she is feeling better.

    I know what you mean about not wanting to sound like you are showing off. Sometimes you just have to tell people your knowledge to make them realise you arent stupid and cant be fobbed off! I cant believe your Dr acted in such a way. I understand that he didnt want to waste your time sending you to A+E if your child wasnt well. But as a nurse you know whats right and not right. Therefore the GP should know this too, its not like he doesnt see paediatrics on a weekly basis!

    Hope she picks up and you can all celebrate your birthday this w/e instead image x

    Edit post: wrote this reply quickly earlier. Re-read it and realised half of it didnt make sense!

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  • omg hun, how scary for u all, im glad ur home and she seems to have improved. sending u huge hugs. xxxx
  • Poor Erin!! Glad she is on the mend now. It sounds really scary but hopefully she'll be right as rain soon xxx
  • I am with Cass on this one i'd have been going mental!
    Hope the wee lady is on the road to recovery & you & paul get to catch up on your sleep & you get to celebrate your bday soon xx
  • Thank you everyone for your well wishes, looking back on it i guess i was quite calm giving the circumstances but i didn't feel calm on the inside ! felt like i was going to explode or crumble. Anyway she is so much better today, catching up on loads of sleep and eating and drinking good amounts, just still got those poorly eyes if you know what I mean.

    Thanks again for all the replies xxx
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