i officially want caitlin to talk

well a language i understand, half the time she talks she sounds drunk, in fact my partners irish gene has got to her im convinced, seriously i ga goo la me be what lol

she can saw animal sounds but only animal name she knows is doggie so everything is a dggie including some people, sometimes though i do agree its hard to guess which is which with some women lol


  • lmao! She is sooooo cute!

    Tyler bables so fast. Its so funny. The look on his face is deadly serious though, he knows exactly what hes on about and just cant understand why we all talk funny! lmao

  • I am also Irish but you havent offended me lol
    Sian is saying quite a few words now but it just came from nowhere.

    I really think her being at the childminders has really helped cos she is trying to do what the other kids are doing lol
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