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was wondering if i can ask the opinion of you ladies on here? I wasn't planning on using a dummy with my dd, but she is feeding nearly every hour overnight and others have suggested that using a dummy may help me extend the time between feeds if she is sucking for comfort. I'm keen to try it by dh is worried about how hard it will be to wean her off the dummy later, and the effect it could have on her teeth.

So... i was wondering... how may of you use dummys? are you glad you did? how many of you decided not to and why did you decide that? also for those who sis use them how hard was it to wean lo off and when/how did you do this?

Sorry for so many questions

thanks in advance for your help xxxxx;\)


  • hi, when my 1st was born i offered her a dummy but she didnt really take to it, my 2nd lo took to it from day 1, it helped her settle when she didnt want feeding and its suppose to help with things like colic. she is 11 mths now and still has a dummy but only at sleeptimes, she never has it jus for the sake of it and think she knows this. tbh it has been a godsend but some people are totally against them, my personal opinion when i was pregnant was that my children wont have a dummy but im so glad i gave her one, at the end of the day i wanted a child who was content and happy and if a dummy would help her do this then so be it.
    it may help ur lo settle, u can always try it and if she wont take to it u know that u have tried that option. xxx
  • My son is 10 months and about a month ago we took it away for all but sleep times. However he's started throwing tantrums and as a last resort we gave him the dummy and it helped calm him down so he now has it then too.

    We did find it a god send for many reasons but you need to make sure it's not being used as a quick fix. It does work wonders between feeds in the early days.

    They do design dummies now to not affect teeth - my lo has the tommee tippee air ones which are flat.

    I do wish I'd weaned him off earlier as I swore he wouldn't have one at age one but while he's going through this stage I'm happy to have something that calms him down a bit!
  • Hiya, just seen your post on bottlefeeding. My LO is 3 and a half weeks and was wanting to feed every 2 hours. We have only just started giving him a dummy and it does help as it soothes him but he also goes longer between feeds. I would certainly give it a try if you are tired from feeding every 2 hours. People do wean babies off dummies, so i wouldnt worry to much about that yet and i'd give it a go. You dont have to give you LO a dummy all the time, we just tend to use it towards tea time and bed time.

    Lisa x
  • Hello,
    I gave my first daughter a dummy when I started bottle feeding at 2 weeks old.
    I took the dummy away in the day when she was 18months old which was easy just didnt offer it to her anymore. Then before her 2nd birthday I explained that dummies are for babies and shes getting bigger now, so I took it away from her at night and she was fine. Had no trouble at all.

    I now have a 3 week old baby, I introduced the dummy from day 2. She wasnt too fussed about it and often went days without it. Now she has it mostly at night between feeds when she wants comfort and help to sleep in her crib. Its useful for when she seems hungry too soon, the dummy will calm her and often get her back off to sleep.
    I plan to take it away around the same age as I did with her sister.

    Good luck

    Fiona, Felicity & Ella xXx
  • Hi there

    I did not really want to give a dummy but I was like you and BF every hour almost, MW told me to try the dummy as she just wanted something to suck and it has helped. Sometimes she wants it and other days she does not. I think Rose was about a week when I gave it to her she is now 16 days old.

    K xx
  • Gabe's always had 1 simply cos I hate thumb sucking so much (sorry, I just do image my stepmum still sucks her thumb and she's 48 arrrghh, didn't want lo to succumb to the thumb as it's such a hard habit to break. He is 15 months now and still has it, not so much in the day but definitely for bed and naps...Plan to get rid of it around 2-3...we shall see!!
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