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It's time to start looking for baby gates. We live in a rented house so only want to use the easy fit (no drilling) gates. However, I can only seem to find them with the bar at the bottom. I can imagine that I would trip over them so wanted ones without. Do they exist?

Also, any tips or recommenations gratefully received



  • I doubt they exist without the bar tbh as the bar will be part of what provides the structure of the gates and allows you to put the pressure on it to ensure a tight fit - and they do fit well.. I quite regularly lean over ours and they don't move. The only pressure fitting one without a bar that I've seen is the flexible gate which is portable but the only problem is that you have to remove it to open it - or climb over it. We have ours on cole's rooma t the moment but its a pain to climb over it when we go in at night.

    The bars aren't that bad though so long as you get the gate fitting snug to the ground (easy to do). Cole has tripped over the bar once or twice and i think i've caught my toe on it once or twice but never tripped over on them. We don't have one on our stairs though - we have one on the lounge door instead and move the flexi-gate around upstairs where needed as our stairs are funny but I'd have thought even on stairs they aren't too bad as you'd have the bar right at the back of the step where there wouldn't be any tripping danger.
  • Hi Kia

    Thanks for that. That's what I thought but thought it worth checking! Our stairs have open bannisters so I will have put the gate between lo's door / our door and where the landing starts. Should be interesting getting used to that image!

  • You can buy a flexi-gate where there is no bar at the bottom - the whole gate comes away when you open it (not sure quite how it works tbh).

    Here's the link for one:>LINDAM.htm

    hth xx
  • We have a Lascal Kiddyguard which has no bar at the bottom as it just rolls up itself when unhooked however it is a) very pricey and b)Needs screwing in so probably no help at all really lol

    The one ccbmommy has put sounds ideal!!
  • Thanks all. Reassuring to know that no-one has really tripped over the bar! Off to look at the argos site now - thanks ccbmommy!
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