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im on my way back ladies!!!

hi ladies im not how many of you will remember me,
im stacey, im 21 and been trying for a baby with DH for 3 yrs now, DH has low sperm count so waiting for icsi, but we cant have funding until im 23 so an 18 month wait. so until then we are cnsidered as DISCHARGED from consultant and just trying!!
i was in this forum for about 2 yrs then transfered to ivf and assisted conception forum when it opened but i no longer feel that, that forum is appropriate until we are funded. so im back to here. ill probly flit between the two anyway .
so a lovely hello to you all and i hope to chat to you all soon xx
Mrs E xx


  • Hi Stacy,

    How frustrating for you, what a long wait that will be. Keep trying, though, as you never know what may happen between now and then.

    I don't think we've spoken before as I'm fairly new on here, but just wanted to say hi. I'm in the first steps of fertility testing myself so have a long road ahead! x
  • Did you used to have a stork for your avatar? Or am I thinking of a different Mrs E??!! Anyhow, same or not welcome back! Sit down, pull up a chair and I'll fix you a cup of tea. Don't get too comfy mind, as we all hope you won't be staying long. I can imagine your frustration at the wait to qualify for funding, especially as you have already been ttc for 3 years. DH & I have just passed the 18 month mark but my ovaries are not in a good state image so I have an appointment with the consultant in 2 weeks to discuss the next step. Metformin first and then wait and see.

    Have you tried acupuncture for your DH? I'm having it at the moment and really enjoying it. There is also a post floating around about vitamins etc. to boost sperm count. I am sure you have tried it all but it can't hurt to keep it up and keep hoping.

    Good luck sweetie and let us know if there is anything we can do to ease the wait.

    S xx
  • Hi Mrs E! I remember you! I'm only just back on here myself after a few months taking some time out. I know your frustration. I can't get funding in my area until age 35 and I'm 31 although I am lucky that they are changing that in December this year so I will be eligible so some light on the horizon.

    Keep your hopes up, it can still happen and I guess that you know you can't 'do' anything until you're 23 could help you in a weird kind of way (I mean 'trying' to forget about the trying!). Someone else on here a few months ago got a BFP with fairly bad SA results, I think it was Moonbeam (?) so please take heart.

    Lovely to have you back, sort of, and we're always here for you.

  • Welcome back honey, I remember you, of course i do... if you remember I started up the ivf board and then had to return here when they decided to try me on clomid before ivf!..

    Anyway, there are some lovely ladies on here at the mo, you'll be well looked after...

    Baby dust,

    Gemma x
  • hi ladies and a very warm thank you to you all, i was really worried about coming back on here, kept thinking i would not know anyone but i know quite a few of you (sad you're all still here, but happy to know some faces ) and hello to the newbies too xx

    thank you very much for the lovely welcome, i cant wait to keep posting on here.

    and sarahw2007 YES idid have a stork picture for a little while then it went to two little dummies!!! talkingo f pictures im not sure what mine is now, ill go check lol.
    Mrs E xx
  • I always remember a picture!! I guess it's like remembering a face and not the name!!

    Welcome back, but like Gem says, it may be a blessing in disguise for you to have to wait. I know I want to slap anyone in the face who tells me to 'just relax' but from the stories I have heard it does seem to happen when you least expect it!! Now if only I could train my brain to not expect it I'd be laughing!!

    Good luck sweetie and look forward to hearing more from you

    S xx
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