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I've been eating peanuts......

without thinking in the form of crunchy nut cornflakes the whole 25 weeks so far!!!??

Sh*t - how bad is this? I do suffer from Hayfever!?!

x :\?

25 weeks today with Blue Bump


  • Hey hun,
    I had same issue - totally slipped my mind. I spoke to the Midwife who said it would be fine, nothing to worry about. Just dont eat anymore to be sure. They only contain 7% of peanuts anyway - I am certain all will be well xxx
  • i eat peanuts and did with my first!!
    lots of contravesy surronding it!
    my son is not allergic!! and i doubt this one will be!
    also fed my son Peanut butter!!

    I love nuts!!! (peanuts lol)
  • Oh love try not to worry! Just think of all the things our mums and their mums used to eat/drink/smoke before they knew not to......and were all okay aren't we!!
    I have coeliacs and am supposed to be super careful but im sure it wont do harm!.....Everything in moderation is what people keep telling me, although i do have to ignore my mother as she regularly had a whisky when carrying me :lol: and my nan used to give us whiskey if we wouldn't sleep :lol: can you imagine that now??

    Im sure blue bump will do just fine and probably enjoyed his crunchy nut cornflakes too!
    em xx
  • Hey hun im sure everything will be okay. Although i follow all the 'rules' not eating peanuts pate dippy eggs etc, i still remember that not even 50years ago mothers still ate these foods and their babies were born okay you know.
  • I don't think it's that bad to be honest.

    We had a big thread about the peanut think a couple of months ago, will try and look it out for you. image

    I think the general idea was that it might be just as bad to never be exposed to peanuts, then taste them years later. I think one study showed that peanut allergies had increased since the avoid peanuts in pregnancy advice, and in countries where peanuts were commonly eaten, there were less allergies.

    Here's the thread link and the BE link.

    I don't eat them much anyway, but I use them in cooking and use groundnut oil, I think I have eaten a few ceral bars with surprise nuts in them too!

    thistle 37+5

  • im avoiding peanuts atm... just because babies daddy is very allergic to them, i also have a daughter who has bad asthma and both her and another daughter with hayfever.. so avoiding for the pregnancy until baby can have the allergy test.. I can't even eat peanuts and go near my dp as the slightest bit of the oil causes a reaction...

    It is very much personal choice though. i never avoided it with my eldest dd and ate crunchy nut cornflakes all the way through (it was my craving) lol
  • I do eat peanuts, well as long as they are covered in chocolate :lol:
    neither me or baby's daddy is allergic and my midwife said only avoid if one of us is allergic to nuts.

  • There's so many different opinions on this it's difficult to know what to do for the best!

    I spoke to my MW because hubby has a nut allergy and she advised me to avoid all nuts. But if neither of you have a nut allergy then it should be fine :\)

    Love NN 20+1 xxx

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  • I've been eating nuts occasionally. My midwife backed up what Thistle said - that it might be worse in the long run to avoid peanuts altogether and then baby be exposed to them years later.

    I know some women follow "the rules" to the letter and some do everything they normally would, but in moderations. Its a personal choice but I wouldnt worry too much xx

    27 weeks today
  • I have been eating them too - salted peanuts - yummy!

    Neither oh or I are allergic and baby seems to be doing fine x
  • I have had Alpen for breakfast for as long as I can ever remember!! This is my 4th baby and none of them have any allergies to anything...
    I really wouldn't worry.
  • i avoided them bcos i have psoriasis in my family but to be honest i really woudnt worry too much!

    there is conflicting info on peanuts now eating them may be fine, but may not!?? xxx
  • Thanks girls - what a response, went to lunch and came back to 14 responses!!

    Did panic slighty but do feel better about it now.

    It would be such a hassle for him and for me if he was allergic because of my addiction to Crunchy Nuts!

  • i keep eating snickers and have been told not to by random people! No one in my family or my OH is allergic so i dont see the problem, not like im eating 100 a day!!....Yet! :P

  • I didn't give up the peanuts, had a craving for them at one point! Advise you get on food hun is just that, advise, you don't HAVE to do it xxx
  • I agree with the others it shouldn't be a problem.
    My hubby sister had reaction yrs ago so is classed as allergic so avoids them she can eat certain products that say may contain traces... I asked my mw in beginnig as i were really craving- explained about sil and she said dont worry!! Have had nuts when i crave them. Dont you find the foods you cant have you really crave?? xxx
  • Very recent advice from the government department of health: peanuts are fine, for everyone! It does say as part of a healthy balanced diet-so maybe those snickers bars I've been craving aren't ideal. hehe!! See the following link!
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