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High chairs............Advice


We looking to get a high chair - and want some recommendations!

Would anyone recommend or not recommend any particular chair?


Judith + Dex


  • i would go to your local mothercare or toys r us cand try your baby in them as you want an easy to clean one, a decent tray (not so baby cannot reach it) etc its deffo best to try before you buy x
  • Hi, with Jacob we had one from Mamas and Papas which was your usual padded highchair and fine enough, but one thing that was a nightmare was cleaning it - food got stuck down the sides where the padding was and it was hard to get properly clean. All my friends with padded highchairs said the same about theirs.

    So this time for Noah we got an Antilop highchair from Ikea for Noah - it's made of smooth plastic so it's easy to wipe clean as there's nowhere for food to get stuck, and if it gets really mucky you can just pop the legs off and hose it down under the shower! Also it's only ??10.99 and the tray is just ??4.00! I did wonder if Noah would be comfortable enough in it, but he loves it xx
  • We also have the Chicco Happy Snack and are really pleased with it. Like Lara, we've also been using it from 5 months, LO is only 13 months now but there's still plenty of room in it, easy to get LO in and out if, it doesn't take up too much space in the house, it's fairly easy to clean, and it's not too expensive compared to some.

    While I wouldn't usually recommend Mothercare for price, they actually always seem to have the blue and pink scribble designs of this one on offer, think we paid ??40, RRP is about ??60 - we bought it early becuase it was on offer, but it always seems to be!

    The only thing it doesn't have (I think) is adjustable height settings - but I'm not sure how much we'd use that anyway, and it's actually a pretty good height for our table, so LO is on a level with us when we eat together
  • You've beaten me to it!
    I was just going to post the same thing!
    I've looked @ the fisher price healthy high chair which comes in pink petals @ argos or rainforest or blue gingham.
    It has height settings, removable trays, reclinable (as lo is only 4 mths), removable 5 point harness which u can remove, adjustable tray (so I can put it closer to lo)and is wipe clean.
    It seems to have all the features I think I need?
    Has any1 got this? Or can reccommend a better 1?
    I'm not fussed on size just want the best & most versetile.
    Icsibaby x x
  • ICSIBABY - where have you been ! not heard from you for ages! x
  • I have that one ICSIBABY and Ollie loves it! The height adjustments have been very handy for getting under our different tables, and the tray is handy having a snack section with both being removable.

    it doesnt fold up brilliantly small bu we tend to leave it up in one room anway, and as soon as its lunch time Ollie gets straight into it and asks for his tray.
    The recline feature was handy when he was younger and still now if he falls asleep in there, and the cushion is washable.
    Our only bugbear is the straps are a bit fiddly to get out, but with a bit of brute force i can get them out without damaging them and get them clean.
    We've been trying to get him to sit in his booster at the big table but he wants none of it and loves to sit in his highchair to do all sorts of things, so we're thinking of getting another one for MJ soon.

  • Hey Ladies!
    Sorry I've been AWOL for a while.
    I'm absolutly LOVING being a mummy to little Phoebe.
    We spend most of our time playing n feeding & with 2 teenagers I don't get much free time to get on here anymore.
    Sorry I cudnt make the meet. My hubby is only [email protected] wkends so don't like to make plans as like to spend with him.sado......he he
    Sounds like its a winner then! Think ill get the pink 1 from argos as she has everything in pink n seems to love it!

  • The fisher price one is lovely. Really liked it but it didn't fit under our table (got a band underneath it that stopped it going up to the table properly.

    As the little dear decided that he wanted to eat at the table we had to change it for a tripp trap which he loves.

    If you happen to be midlands based we are selling our fp one (it's the blue gingham) if that's what you're going for.
  • just a bump as I saw someone else has asked the same question!

    Were going to try out the 3sixti.....

    I'll let you know when it arrives! x
  • We have the cosatto diner and wouldn't recommend it! It looks good and is comfy but is a bugger to clean, straps are stained and wipe clean fabric is edged in non cleanable binding! grrrr
  • We have the cosatto diner and wouldn't recommend it! It looks good and is comfy but is a bugger to clean, straps are stained and wipe clean fabric is edged in non cleanable binding! grrrr
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