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Which bottles do you recommend?

I've been looking at bottles and can't decide which ones to buy and wonder if you ladies could let me have your opinions. I am hoping to breastfeed and planning to buy a medela breast pump but want to have bottles for expressing and also as a back-up in case b/f doesn't work. There's just so much choice, I've narrowed it down to the list below:-

Tommee Tippee closer to nature bottles
Dr Browns natural flow bottles
First years breast flow bottles
Medela bottles

If you could let me have your personal experiences, I would be ever so grateful. Many thanks xx


  • I used the TTCTN bottles up until very recently and Bella seemed fine with them. Now she's bigger though and i've moved on to mixed feeding, i found that she kept sucking the teat in which started getting annoying! I think where she was used to sucking quite hard to get milk from me the poor tomme tippee teat couldnt cope with it lol. I now use NUK bottles which she is much better with. I have one medela bottle, but even Bella struggles to get milk from that one, and she really does have a strong suck! I've read lots of reviews on the breastflow bottles and they seem to have a lot of positive feedback.
  • the dr browns did help abit with lo's colic.
    not tried the others.

    i use avent, but find after nearly 8 months, some of them seem to be leaking.
  • I use TTCTN and think their fab ! You do have to watch for the teats being sucked in though and I dunno if this was just coz I have a lazy baby but lo was very lazy sucking wise so was on size 2 teats at 2 weeks old and on size 3 teats at 3 months old. LO never had colic so i cant comment on their benefits/downsides there.
  • i use dr browns because of annabelles colic and find them really good. i used advent before them and never had a problem either. xx
  • Thanks so much, I've been continuing my research and have narrowed it down between two :-

    Dr Browns natural flow bottles
    First years breast flow bottles

    Would love to hear from anyone about these, thanks xx

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