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I think It's Time To Join You...

Hello to you all,

I did post in here in January saying I may come over from TTC but didn't as I just didn't feel ready too and I made a couple of friends over there who are real stars but sadly for me (not them - am very very happy for them both) they have of course moved to due in forums and I feel very lost in TTC as the bfp's are really getting me down.

I am really now beginning to see that I am not going to have another, I have two girls 13 and 4, the oldest from a past relationship, which I do feel blessed to have but we really want one more, we did want four but that won't happen now. My hubby is a fab dad to both our girls and I really wanted to go through the whole experience again as it was wonderful sharing it, I was single with oldest dd as her dad said she wasn't his for a while.

I have been with hubby for 6 years in Sptember and we have not used contraception for most of that time and have only had our little girl and a mc last dec at 7+3. I am 37 this year and feeling it is all over.

I went to dr's who said he will not do anything for another few months because we concieved with the mc. He has given us the form for hubby to have a SA which he is doing this week.

I just feel so down at the moment, I tested today at 11dpo and of course nothing. I know deep down i'm just not going to be that lucky.

Sorry I've rambled on and I hope you will have such a misery, I'm fun really!

I just want to chat to people who understand and not log in and see bfp's all the time.

i'm looking forward to getting to know you all xxxxx


  • Hi there Mummy Hunibee, and welcome to LTTTC! I'm sorry that any of us have to be here, but you'll find a really nice group of ladies here who understand how hard this process can be.

    I'm so sorry about your MC. That must have been heartbreaking. But I really don't think at 36 it is even close to all over!!

    I would push your GP to refer you for fertility tests if you want to go down that route. The fact you had an MC in December shouldn't make a difference - if you are over 35, the doc should refer you for tests if you have been trying for six months:

    Sometimes we have to be quite firm with GPs - can you ask to see someone else at the same practice?

    Good luck!
  • Good on you sweets for making the move - the girls on here are wonderful and so very knowledgeable. I know they are going to take great care of you.

    Glad the SA is happening - I found that I always felt more positive if were doing something that was getting us a step closer to finding out what the problem is. After all, knowledge is power, eh?

    I think MrsD is right - maybe you need to be a bit pushier XXXXXXX
  • Hello!
    I too am a bit unsure where I fit in but find lots of hope and really, really knowledgeable advice on here. I had an mc in Feb at 9 weeks so know how you feel there. It's not nice at all. My af still hasn't properly returned yet and like you, the docs wouldn't listen to me until last week, when I finally got some bloods done.
    It's really hard getting anywhere with the docs as like you said, once you have had mc they think that you'll be fine as you have conceived before. It can be really upsetting not being listened to.
    Hope you're ok, I know exactly what you mean about seeing all the BFP's. Everyone I was with on the MC/TTC after MC boards seems to be pg again and although it's obviously great news, it can be upsetting feeling like the only one not getting anywhere.
    I wish you lots of luck. Keep the faith as 37 is DEFO not over the hill!!
  • Hi there,
    Cant really add to anything thats already been said as I would agree with it all. Just wanted to say hi really X
  • Thanks girls I feel very welcome!

    Taking your advice I might head back to the doc as soon as the results are in and push for progress!

    I know I am going to fit in here just fine!

    Mrs DAO - I'm really sorry you went through that too. You are right it seems alot of ladies do fall really quickly after, I hoped for that but nope not me!

    Mrs D I will take a look at that link - thanks it's always good to have info when going to the dr's!

    Loobylou - hello!!

    And KayeCee - Stalker!!! LOL xxxx

  • Hello mummy hunnibee - welcome to LTTTC! Really sorry you have to be here though....I think most of us hoped we would never have to join this forum. But it is wonderfully supportive and friendly here hon. I agree 37 definitely not too late at all - I have family who only just started TTC at that age, and are now in early 40's and planning to have more. I know it must be frustrating what docs say about m/c and not doing tests....but, it really is a good sign that you can get pg. I agree you should definitely push for tests though....they have a very laid back attitude to TTC, which is all very well when you're not the one TTC for months/years on end! Loads of luck to you hon and look forward to chatting to you more on here xx
  • Mummy hunibee....thought I'd just say welcome. I'm pretty new to LTTTC....was mainly on TTC but same as you found it very difficult to cope with the bfp announcements. Even though I'm very happy for them, it just made me stress out a bit. LTTTC is far more relaxed....which is really what I needed.

    Apart from that my DH and I have been trying for our first since our mc last year at 10 weeks.
    I too had the same difficulties as you in getting the dr's to take me seriously even thought they kept saying that I did manage to conceive last year. It was very frustrating, but I kept on nagging them and finally got reffered for some tests which show I have pco. I'm having a lap & dye tomorrow.

    Sorry for the long post.... hoping to get to know you better and share some ttc stories.

    Wishing you all the best and hopefully your stay with us won't be long (in the nicest possible way of course).

    Nadine ;\)
  • Hi hun

    Just wanted to say hi & welcome you to LTTTC. you will find the very best support & advice here & the girls are truely wonderful, they have been my lifeline in the last few months, think id have lost the plot had it not been for them!

    Anyway, welcome & looking forward your posts. Wishing you all the very best on your journey to BFP! xxxx
  • Hi Mummy Hunibee,

    I just wanted to say hello to you too and to welcome you over here. I've not been here long but everyone has been truly welcoming and full of advice and support where needed. Everybody seems to encourage one another along, which is such a help.

    I know what you mean about the TTC forum. I loved it over there, and still lurk and post occasionally, but I just had to make the break because, as happy as you are for all the BFP's, it can also be so, so hard to read sometimes.

    I hope your stay here is short and that you feel a little better just to know that you are now taking the steps you need to take towards getting your BFP. x
  • It's lovely to log in and see lots of replies, thank you girls image

    I'm sorry you also suffered a mc Nadine it is very hard and as you say it makes the dr's even less want to hlp. I'm glad you pushed it as you will now get the help you need x

    As for the other lovely ladies who replied I am looking forward to getting to know you all, and you are right it seems alot more laid back over here and less painful not seeing bfp posts all the time, they really are hard to take arn't they?

    I am going to like my new home, just hope I don't stay too long lol!!!
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