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ridiculous pet names

For oh or lo?

Lo is maximoomoo - he used to be rinky dinky cos he was so small but that doesn't suit now!

oh is Rhino - cos he was rather heavy but not anymore!


  • Oooh and I thought we were about to have more rude comments about your OH's horn then! hehe
  • lo is lacey tu tu, dont ask me why! and i call my oh herman, lol, x
  • My OH is known as Tame locally! nickname from school i think, i don't even wanna know why!

    Oh LO is called sooooo many random things; baby bear, squidgle, stinkymonster! etc x
  • my 10yr old was and still is called baby bear lol
  • I knew I needed to explain it - to stop all those kind of comments :roll: - I told him on a very early date he must weigh as much as a rhino - it was meant in jest but wasn't taken too well but it stuck!
  • LO is munchkin, pumpkin or chunky monkey lol.

    Hannah xx
  • lily pilly poo poo - don't ask, just rhymed and even my mum says it to her now...must stop or poor baby will get a complex as she gets older.
  • oh and Max is maxi paxi or maxi taxi too and stinky bum bum
  • i think pippa thinks her name is pickle pop, don't know where that came from, but most people call her pip as that's what we called her when we we're pregnant
  • I even say to her when we watch ITNG when iggle piggle isn't in pilly poo poo's not in bed...god I am loopy. x

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  • Kels is popatops, Jack is Jackeroo and I call my OH Hothot honey.

    Thats really cute JFP.

  • Oscar is buttmunch, mini noodle, Oscar doo, Oscar doscar doo or fatty - but I must stop that one before I give him a complex. He's heavy but there's no fat on him aside from chubby cheeks so it's said ironically.

    OH has a thousand nicknames from work - Randy (shortened from Random) Stiffler, Rat, Rooney (he looks nothing like the footballer before anyone doubts my taste in men lol). I've always called him noodle or face, or noodleface.
  • Lyla is Lyla Bean (Bean was her bump name), Twinkle, Treacle or Pumpkin.
  • Lily's bump name was bumpty bump! Hubby still calls her that now. He rings up from work and asks what the bumpty is doing (if anyone hears him on his phone they would think he was loopy!)
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