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I think i'll be using this forum more from now on,i'm not liking the baby forum at the moment!!
How is everyone doing? Ethan is 2 months old today,where has the time gone?! I am last feeling a bit more human,he goes in his cot between 7.30-8pm,then i give him a dream feed at 11.00pm then oh feeds him at 3am then he's awake at 6.30-7am,so we're getting there and that few extra hrs sleep for me is a Godsend!!
Hope all of you and your babies are doing well.xx


  • Hiya,

    I know what you mean about time going fast, Jack is 10 weeks old already, we visited a friend yesterday who had a little boy on sat. and was 5oz heavier than Jack was at birth but seemed absolutely tiny and light as a feather when I held him. Jack has been weighed at clinic today and is 12lb 4oz now. I am still 95% bf and he has the odd top up ff if he needs it and it seems to be working well for us so far but I am still finding some days a struggle.

    Hope to chat more soon

    Sarah x
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