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tommee tippee electric steriliser/ bottles?

Hey guys.... my 1st post in baby! image

Hope you are all well.

Cailey is now 17 days old and time is flying past.... I still cant quite believe she's here!

I have got the tommee tippee electric steam steriliser and the closer to nature bottles.... its says in the manual that 6 wide neck bottles will fit into the steriliser (I'm sure thats what it says) and it also says to reassemble the teats and rings.
Is this right? I cant fit 6 bottles in.... only 3 at a time! And reassembling the teats and rings? How will they be sterilised properly?

Im thinking this thing seems more hassel than its worth! :roll:



  • It is a challenge but it can be done! Just ignore the rings in the bottom (don't try to line them up) and some bottles will be higher up than others (so the narrower bits of some are next to the fat bits on the others) You need to put the last 2 in together. then put all the hoods and rings on top of the bottles (there is quite a bit of spare height! - as long as the basket thingy fits in ok then it's fine). Just have a play about and see how it goes.

    I don't assemble the teats and rings, I just use tonges to drop the sterile ring over the teat and then put my fingers right on the edge of the ring, and use the tongues to put the teat through - again it's tricky but can be done.

    Although, as far as I know, it is the heat that sterilises everything, so theoretically it would sterilise just as well if it were assembled.

    Hope that all makes sense - i've probably not explained it very well, if you want me to send a pic of the loaded steriliser let me know! image

  • i found this as well!! i can get 4 bottles in though and when i place the teats in i attach them to the rings then sterilise them attached. we've had no problems doing it like this. xxx
  • thank you very much for your help! it does make sense!
    im gonna play around next time i need to sterilise!
    thanks again!
  • Hi,we also have this problem! But a word of warning,we jammed 5 bottles in and somehow the heat put big dents in some of the bottles where they were touching the others! I'm gonna complain to tommee tippee about it,petty I know but we could get some free bottles out of it lol. x
  • Spittingfairy - I assume you have the BPA free bottles? They are utter crap (I bought some old fashioned ones off ebay and used my own teats, because I hated the bpa free ones!) How the heck are you suposed to see how much water you have with their rubbish markings (especially when it's all steamy!)

    I dont blame you for complaining hunny! You really should be able to fit tommee tippee bottles in a tommee tippee steriliser after all!

  • I have the free ones,but we also have bought about 10 more,having been told that they were the best.....LIARS at tommee tippee lol xx
  • I am also havin the trouble with seeing the markings on these BPA free bottles! Bloomin nightmare!
    And just after I wrote this topic I put put my tommee tippee manual breast pump in its container in the microwave to sterilise it and the flippin handle has melted and disfigured.... not happy!
    Looks like I will also be complaining to them!
  • hi ladies, please join my group to help get bottles changed. xx
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