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Bed wetting, any suggestions?

Hi all,

My LO is 26 months and we started potty training him 9 days ago, we just went cold turkey and didn't put him in a nappy at all from day one, and so far he's done brilliant. He's been dry through the day from day4 and tells us when he needs to go, or goes if I ask if he needs to. He has not had a nappy on for bed for 6 nights and just wears training pants, and only has one accident a night. I know that he is doing really well considering we just stopped him wearing nappies on day one, but does anyone have any suggestions for stopping him peeing during the night? is it something they just grow out of? I'm worried it becomes more of a habit than an actual need to wee, is that possible? I'm not too bothered about it at the moment as I think he's doing fantastic, but just wondered what you ladies thoughtand if you had any tips, as he does seem to get quite upset when he wakes up after wetting the bed. He has a wee just before bed, and wets at different times, though it is just the once.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.




  • We always restrict dd's fluid intake so she doesn't get any fluids after teatime apart from sips of water if she says she's thirsty. The other thing to try is lifting him before you go to bed to see if he will have a wee then, that helps some kids. I wouldn't worry about it becoming a habit, he's still young and only just learning to control his bladder while awake nevermind whilst sleeping.
    Personally dd had been potty trained for nearly a year before we stopped her night time pull-up but i think it totally depends on the child, my friends little girl was dry at night before she was dry thru day!
    Jo x
  • Hi,

    I agree with jodavidson, my hv recommended only taking away the night time nappy when you've had a week to 10 days of dry nappies at night as it is really hard for a lo under the age of 3 to have bladder control at night. my dd has been potty trained for over 6 months and we've only recently taken away the night time nappy, she'll be 3 next month. I think if we took it away before it would have knocked her confidence. I think at his age he will still need a wee at night so I would perhaps consider leaving him with a nappy until he doesn't need to wee at night.
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