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Hello, I'm new here.

Hi, I'm new to the site & we are expicting our 1st baby in June on the 28th 2007. We are really looking forward to the big day.
I would like to make some friends if possible.
If you like writting then get in touch.


  • Hi Louise, Congratulations on having your baby in Dec I bet you are really enjoying it. I reached my 30th week on Thursday & I can't belive that I only have ten weeks left until our baby is born & now things are really starting to sink in. I haven't had any antinal classes as yet but I guess I will soon. The part I'm a little nervous of is the 3rd satge of labour but I guess everyone is different. Did you have a boy or girl & did you have classes?
  • hi there in emma 24 an mum to rley 2yrs 4mths,i also had riley in december,1week late,thankfuly it was the 8th dec early for xmas,but hae my hubbys,dad,nan,cousin and uncle birthday's in dec to.its now hetic event without having to arrange xmas.good luck to you both.i wont go through my birth as everyone is different,and as much as you say dont listen to other birth stories you just cant help it.rileys the greatest thing in our lives and while the hubby works his like my little mate i take shopping.xx
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