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Sac is not growing? May miscarry soon, can anyone pls help?


I hope you dont mind me posting on here, I have posted on Pregnancy also.

I had a scan yesterday morning at 7+5 as I had a tiny bit of bleeding which has now gone. During the scan they said that the sac was quite small, the baby is the exact size it should be but the sac is roughly 2 weeks behind in size. I have to go back in 2 weeks for a further scan to see if the sac has grown but they prepared me for miscarrying which is worrying me a lot. I feel like I am sitting here waiting on something to go wrong. Although the heartbeat is strong at this point, they said if the sac doesnt grow the baby wont be able to grow either. Or thay said it might 'catch up' but they cant say anything else.

Has anyone had this or know anyone who has gone through this? With all the things that could go wrong, I didnt even consider that the sac wouldn't grow enough with the baby. Ive seen a healthy heartbeat both times now as I had a scan at 6 weeks and 8 weeks, I cant believe this is happening.

Any experiences would be reassuring to me, good or bad, I dont know anyone who has had this before and I am just scared of the unknown. I dont know whether to try and think positive or try to mentally prepare myself for the worst. Has anyone else gone through this?

Thanks for listening
Mel x


  • hi mel.

    my experience was that the baby didnt grow but the sac the opposite of yours.....i went in for scan as was bleeding heavily and from ther had the scan then went for ERPC the following morning.
    you must be devastated,its an awful time...have you got a partner/husband that you can talk too?

  • Hey hun, Im sorry I dont have advice to give you, I just wanted to say that I hope the SAC starts growing to catch up with the baby, really hope that everything works out for you, they say a strong heartbeat is a positive sign, I cant believe you have to wait 2 weeks too, try to take it easy for the next weeks, and hopefully someone else on here can give you some advice

    Thinking of you Love Luc xxx
  • He Mel
    I'm sorry that we're meeting again here, I hope your next scan goes well and the sac catches up with your little bean
    Don't have any experience to give you advice from, but I'll be thinking of you xx
  • Thank you very much for your replies, it means a lot.
    The nurse was very negative from the word go, before I had even had my scan, she said 'I hope you will be ok, Im not saying you will, I just hope so. I dont give anyone false hope...'
    My hubby has been brilliant so I am really lucky,
    It is the waiting that is a nightmare, every time I go to the loo I panic and I am constantly thinking about it.
    Both our parents know we are expecting, because we said we would tell them even if something did go wrong, so it felt ok at the time, but now I feel like if I miscarry, they will be losing too. I wish I hadnt told anyone.
    Dangermouse, how are you doing?

    Thanks again xx
  • Mel your nurse sounds delightful, it's scary how many people in the health service have no patient care skills at all. I'm glad your hubby is helping you through this I've found mine to be my biggest support and the person least likely to say something completely daft like "at least you know you can get pregnant".

    I'm gettin a bit better, am still a bit delicate at times and finding it tough when people ask when we'll be having a LO or asking if we're trying, But am mostly managing to keep the tears to home. I'm feeling a bit more positive though, I'll definately be cutting back the alcohol again though I had a night out last night andfeel so rough today haven't been hungover for months!
  • Hi Melanie,
    I'm so sorry you're going through this.
    I was in the very same position as you in Feb and sadly, the outcome for me was a mc. Like you I had seen the hb twice end seen the baby grow but the sac was measuring small and we were prepared for mc by the mw at the EPU.
    This does NOT mean that the same thing will happen to you so please don't freak out.
    When it happened to me I remember some girls finding info on the internet for me which I read and this situation doesn't always end in mc.
    Please feel free to ask me any questions and I wish you loads of luck and have everything crossed for
  • Hi there,
    I am in the same boat as Mel and am so anxious about the whole thing. Trying to relax as i know it is better for baby.

    I have bled for the past 2 weeks and had a scan at 6 weeks as a result and they said baby was small but fine, then i continued to bleed and doc sent me up to EPU for another scan on Friday there. They said baby has heartbeat but the sac is too small and that I have to go back in two weeks for another scan.

    They have prepared me for miscarriage but also said that it may catch up.

    I feel like I am waiting constantly for something to go wrong now and can't enjoy the pregnancy. I know there is a 50/50 chance from what the nurse said and trying to be positive but am almost trying to shy away from the fact that I am even pregnant so won't be disappointed.

    Has anyone been in the position where the sac has been too small and it has caught up with baby?

    I haven't seen any stories on here that have and would love to hear one.

    Mel, please keep in touch. I know how you are feeling.


  • Hi ladies
    Thanks for your replies, I am just back from 5 nights in New york which I was really looking forward to but ended up quite a tiring and stressful time due to whats going on. I was so worried that something would happen while I was there but luckily nothing did. Mrs DAO I am so sorry that you went through this and it ended in MC for you, it is not a nice thing to go through at all, thank you for sharing your story with me, its comforting for me to hear from another woman on here that have had the same thing, I dont feel as lost anymore. I do not feel positive at all, I am more than prepared for MC, I have a great husband so I know I will be ok. I just dont know if I can try again for a while, it is so stressful, I never realised it would be so hard, being so attached to something so small.
    MrsMac22 also I am sorry that you are going through this, since my scan on 17th I have had no bleeding, however my tiredness has eased off and the last couple of days I havent felt as sick. My mum knows what is happening, she is remaining positive about it. Last night she said something like 'oh you will have to get those jeans with the elastic in them soon..' and I completely shyed away from it, because I cant let myself think of the future when I dont know what is going to happen. I know how you feel. You dont want to let yourself be hopeful, because it will only be more upsetting if it all ends. I had lots of pics of nurseries that I liked etc, I deleted them yesterday which is probably daft but I cant look at them. I will be happy to keep in touch with you regardless of the outcome, I really hope it is a good outcome for both of us! Did they say how small the sac was in relation to the pregnancy? mines was approx 2 weeks behind, it was so strange, the lady doing the scan explained it was small but didnt seem worried, she was showing and explaining everything to me, it was when it was over and we saw another nurse and she was talking to me like it was already gone, it was surreal.
    On one of my other posts a lady told me of her sister in law who was in exactly the same situation and her baby is now 20 months old, so it can catch up. Try to remain positive and calm and what is helping me is talking to my hubby about it so we are both on the same page and there to support each other.
    Take care ladies, thanks again for your replies, speak to you soon xxxx
  • Hi Dangermouse
    Glad to hear you are doing ok, I know how you feel, someone in my family asked when we would have kids only last week and it was so tough just smiling and saying 'oh we dont know' or something. I havent missed drinking at all but see now, I could do with a bottle of rose! Not the hangovers though! xxx
  • Dangermouse,
    I hope you are getting through this ok. Life just seems to stop when something like this happens. I'm thinking of you and wishing you the best of thoughts.

    I am in the same boat as you. I am almost living on a different planet and people that we have told ( a few friends and family ) keep saying oooh this time next year" etc.
    I had another quite big bleed and a little clot yesterday, almost like what you get when you have your period but it stopped and I have only had a little browny stuff since today. Sometimes I think my boobs have stopped being sore and sometimes I think they are. Never felt sick in this pregnancy then today I started feeling sick then it went so probably not pregnancy related. I keep doing pregnancy tests every few days and they've remained positive.
    In my mind now, I am convinced though that I am going to miscarry and I've almost switched off to the fact that I am pregnant and then I feel guilty for almost neglecting my baby and forgetting about it just so it won't be so hard when it happens.
    It's not like me to be so negative but I can't help but feel this way. I have another scan on 9th October so unless I miscarry before then, I should at least know if the sac is growing. To be honest though I haven't found many positive stories on this apart from taking comfort that it is early days.
    I already have a 2 year old boy so I know I am blessed but was so looking forward to him having a wee buddy.
    I suppose though at this moment in time there is always some hope, if not now but in the future.
    Speak soon Mel.
  • Meant to say Mel, they didn't say how far behind the sace was. They said that the baby was 6 wks 6 days when I think I should be 8 weeks. What I do know is the baby was measuring 8mm and although I wasn't paying full attention as was looking at the screen they said that the sac was measuring 14 x 15 x 14 (mm I think). I have looked up some ultrasound info and they have said if there is 5-7.5mm difference in sac and baby then there is 28% of miscarriage and if there is above 8 mm there is 10% chance of miscarriage. Less than 5 the risk goes up but I can't remember the figure. So the way I see it I come under the 28% of miscarriage according to the research studies carried out. This is just my own research on the internet by the way. The hospital said I had a 50/50% chance of miscarriage but looking at the study maybe I have a better chance of it being ok than i thought.

    Hopefully this is something we can both take comfort in.

    Take care....xx
  • Hi
    I juat wanted to let you know that I had my scan this morning and unfortunately the sac had not grown at all which in turn has ended my pregnancy as there was no room for the embryo to grow. I should have been over 10 weeks and was showing smaller than my scan 2 weeks ago.
    I already knew in my heart, but I was still so hopeful that I was wrong. The sono woman said she knew by my face when we got there, and I asked for the monitor to be left off because it would be too upsetting for me to see no heartbeat this time after seeing it twice before.
    Now I have to make a decision about what I want to do with regards to the miscarriage - let nature take its course, get put to sleep, or take the tablets to remove the pregnancy quicker. The nurse was great and talked me through everything. I think I just want it to come out when its ready, no hospitals etc but I will take the next few days to have a proper think about it.
    I am just scared of the unknown, is it painful? I have been getting a heavy feeling in my stomach for the last couple of days too.

    I just want to say thanks again for your support over the last couple of weeks, I dont know how I feel at the moment, apart from sadness, I have cried a lot today but I am starting to feel a bit better tonight.

    Mrsmac22 I hope everything goes ok at your scan, let me know how you get on and I have everything crossed for you!! The nurse said its 50/50 so hopefully you will go on to have a happy and healthy pregnancy.

    Thanks again ladies and take care

    Melanie xxx
  • I did a massive response but BE ate it.

    I'm so so sorry to hear your news. I have just had an ectopic and am devestated.

    Get your duvet down and have a snuggle with your oh and watch some rubbish tv.

    Always here if need to chat x x
  • melanie, I think how bad the pain is is very variable between people. I was earlier than you, MC about 7 weeks according to ultrasound (tho should have been 9 weeks counting forward from period). My bleeding lasted 14days and was heavy all through, but I think this is longer than many of the other ladies on here. I had 4 days where I had horrid AF type cramping from 2pm - midnight each day (no idea why not continuous). I could work through the pain with paracetamol, and a hot water bottle on lower back helped me sleep.

    Hope that helps.

    Look after yourself hun. The first few days are the worst, but things do slowly start to get better.
  • Thanks girls
    I am going into hospital on Monday, the more it goes on, nothing happens, and I keep thinking that maybe it is some miracle and I am going to be alright, so I think I need this to be over with , because I need to face that it is not going to happen.
    MrsMac how are you feeling? Have you had your scan? My fingers are crossed for you!

    Mel x
  • Dear Mel

    I am so sorry you are having to go through this hun. Sometimes it can take a while for the pg to pass naturally so some prefar to have some sort of medical management so they can try & move on.

    You give yourself the time you need to greive for your lo hun be kind to yourself & have lots of cuddles with your dh. Everyone is always here to support you & if it seems quite & you need a chat pop over to ttc after mc (even if your not ttc) everyone is lovely. Sending you lots of hugs & love xxxx
  • Hi Mel,
    Just saw your update and I'm so sorry you've going through this..
    I will be thinking of you on Monday and hope that you get some relief from the sadness and confusion soon.
  • Hi Melanie,

    I am so sorry to hear about what you are going through at this moment in time. I know that the same thing could be on the cards for me and my thoughts are with you, your husband and family.

    I have my scan tomorrow morning first thing and have been an emotional wreck all week. Hate the fact that I am not aware of what is happening inside me, if my baby is ok or not. By my dates I should be 10 weeks gone tomorrow but they have dated me a week behind the last 2 times I had the scan.

    I can understand your wanting to be able to be able to move past this and I hope everything goes ok at the hospital on Monday. I too feel like I have just been constantly waiting for something to happen....almost feel like I am waiting to miscarry but still with the hope that I am wrong.

    I will let you know what happens tomorrow. Not sure about whether to have the monitor on or not. I think if the heart is not beating, I will need to see it to know that it is real. Fingers crossed though. Not sure I can handle telling the few close friends and family that we have told when there are so many people around me expecting just now.

    Speak to you soon...

    You take care of yourself......Angela ......xxxx

  • I have everything crossed for you Angela, I read that its 50/50 and I have had the bad news so you are definitely due the good news!
    Its wierd, the monitor was off when we went in so I said just to leave it off, but if it was already on I probably would have just left it on.
    I am feeling ok about the hospital on Monday now, I am dealing with it better than I thought I would, I have a good hubby.
    Take care and speak soon
    Mel xx
  • Hi Mel,

    I hope you are ok.

    We went to the hospital today and the monitor was already on but I shut my eyes until I heard somebody tell me what was happening. There was still a heart beat and the baby has grown well and is now measuring 9 weeks 4 days and I think I should be about 10 weeks so that's about right (last time i was over a week behind) sac has had 2 weeks of growth in the past two weeks but is still 2 weeks behind which means the baby doesn't have a lot of room but seems to be surviving ok just now as long as the sac keeps growing.

    They said the baby would maybe just have to get used to less room. So the sac hasn't caught up but it is still growing at the moment.

    I was prepared for the worse today and even after the upbeat ultrasound the nurse talking to us after it has left me still thinking that we are not out of the woods yet. Got to wait till my booking in scan to find out more and should hopefully have that in about 2 weeks although appt hasn't come through yet.

    Went for a wee after the scan and had a cry to myself as the past 4 weeks have been a nightmare. Think my husband was pretty overwhelmed to still see a heartbeat too as we both tossed and turned last night at the thought of what we were going to have to face today.

    Just need to wish for the best now and see what the next scan brings.

    I am so sorry for what you are going through at the moment as I know that I have been preparing myself for the same thing and am not out of the woods yet. I hope you and your husband have some quality time
    together this weekend and my thoughts will be with you for Monday. Let me know how you are.....take care....Angela

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