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How long should each feeding session take?

Allannah is 2 weeks old tomorrow and I'm just wondering how long each feeding session usually takes, like from when you first give the bottle until you're done winding and put them back down?

I feel I spend a lot of time feeding her and winding her and still she spits up SO MUCH! I'm worried maybe I'm rushing it. I just put her back down after spending an hour and she still isn't settling.. going to pick her back up and continue to wind her now.



  • My lo drains her bottle in 10-15 mins max (7oz). An hour seems a very long time to be feeding for!

    Does she seem to get frustrated or bored with it? If so, you could try the next size teats and see if that helps her take it quicker! I did this with my lo when it was taking 1/2 hour to have 3/4oz and it worked wonders! As she is only very little though, if you are using TT bottles you can get a variflo teat which is supposed to work with them speed wise! My lo didn't like it but lots have!
  • She usually falls asleep after 2.5oz, or has just had enough, we were told she should be taking 4oz at this point. I'm not too worried/bothered anymore. Saw our gp yesterday and he said not to force her, if she only takes 2.5 then leave it at that and she will work her way up to 4oz herself.
  • I think it's normal at that age for babies to take a long time to feed. My lo regularly fell asleep on the bottle. I agree with your gp, don't force it down her if she's hungry she'll let you know! x
  • Sounds very sensible! Plus they usually bring up the milk they have taken but didn't need - so sounds like it could be your problem! Plus, don't forget that the amounts are only guidelines! My lo should take 35oz but until recently was only taking 22-24 - she has literally just started taking 30-35oz!
  • I agree. My girls are taking what the tin says but are taking it over more feeds IKYWIM. The tin says Grace should be taking 24oz - 4 feeds of 6oz. But actually she has 5 feeds of about 5 oz (I make 6 but she usually leaves an ounce). As your GP says, I wouldn't worry, She'll get hungrier as she gets bigger and more active and feeding will become a lot quicker. After all, not all adults eat the same amount or at the same speed xx
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