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the potette plus to buy or not to buy??

hey so the potty training has been going fantastically well as my little girl has lead it she is taking it like a right trooper!!! im so so proud!!

anyway as it is her birthday in 2 weeks we are taking her to the zoo, we dont drive so we have to take the bus and im concerened for the travel time, do i use pull ups? (although im sort of against them because i think its too much like a nappy.) or should i get a travel potty (again though not exactly practical for on a bus??)

hmmm... what to do... maybe in 2weeks ill have a better idea but was just wondering if any of you had any suggestions??


  • i have the potette and i think its brill we have used it in the care and well everywhere i got one as i thought pull ups would set her back i reccomed one of those 100% and you can get them cheaper off amazon
  • We've got one as well and it's fantastic, we mostly use it as a toilet seat but it is handy to be able to use it as a potty as well.
    Don't see why you wouldn't be able to use it on a bus, we've used ours on a plane when Millie was scared of the toilet.
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