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when to start giving her a pillow?

She sleeps really well and I am not going to introduce the pillow for any other reason that maybe she is just old enough for one?

In the mornings when she gets up, sometimes she comes into bed with me for half an hour or so while we 'come round'! She always lies down with her head on my pillow.

At what age have you introduced pillows and have you put them in cots?

She is 14 months on Monday and in a cot. She sleeps in a travel cot for naps 3 days a week when my Mum has her and the odd night when we go out. We are currently house sitting for my parents and she has slept in her travel cot every night for 2 weeks quite happily.

What size pillow do you start with, is she too young? Do you put it under the sheet or should I not have one at all in her cot?

So many questions!!
Sorry but thank you in advance!


  • my lo had a pillow from when he was 16months. he is in a cotbed too.
    it is just a normal sized pillow but it is quite flat (not like a new pillow, i think its one we've had for a while that he kept stealin from our bed lol).
    we didnt bother putting it under a sheet or anything. we were quite confident that he would be ok though. he is a big boy and ha slept in my bed for a few months and was fine so we were fine with it.
    go with your gut feeling hun. its a gift mums have image

    k xx
  • I didn't give my dd one until she was two, but that was when we switched her cotbed to a bed. We only waited that long bcoz she moved around so much. If we had of given her a pillow I wouldn't have known which end to put it. We bought a fairly cheap pillow from asda bcoz it felt nice, whilst being fairly thin. I think you can get kids pillows, but they probably cost more than a normal one. X
  • toby has just started having a pillow i got him a baby pillow from ikea which is quite thin he loves it
  • If she sleeps well I wouldn't worry about it. I gave mine pillows when they had colds butt under the sheet as ^^^^^ Again we are quite a snuggly pillow loving family - quite often take our pillows downstairs to snuggle on the sofa so I'm biased!!
    I believe medical advice is not before 12 months so you're safe to...
  • its 12 months when you can give her a pillow, although they do recomend its a baby one and then when they are two they can have normal ones.
    however i gave rio a baby pillow when he was about one but he still always prefered feather ones so i gave him one of those not long ago!
    but he can def have one at 14 months, you might find he sleeps a bit better to lol x
  • We introduced a pillow to Kade a couple of months or so ago (so about 22m) and he loves it!
    It is part of the 'grow bag' range so has zips that attach to the bottom sheet so stays put!
    We have just given him the matching duvet too (which also zips) which is also really good.
    I think the attachable ones do give you peace of mind.

    So long as lo is over 12m, I don't see a problem. xx
  • Hi Louise
    Where did you buy the gro bag range? Sounds really good.
    My two (18 mo) always sleep on their front with their bums in the air (elegant!) so I'm not sure about a pillow yet, but that said they do like it when they come in with us.
  • freya odesb=nt have a pillow yet (she is 18 months) she has been such an awful sleeper and i dont want ot rock the boat now that she has improved. i dont thin that i gave one to phoebe either until she was 2 and went in to a bed. its up to you i think that its safe to from 12 months but niethre of mine seemed bothered about having one. xx
  • Bumpto3 sell the grow bag duvet range. I have one and it is good, but expensive.

    Charlotte has had a pillow & duvet since we took the sides off her cot at about 18 months. We got cotbed size. She loves snuggling on her pillow.
  • Recomended age is 12 months but I gave DS3 one at 11 months

  • Connor has had a normal, quite thin pillow since 10/11 months, stops him keep banging his head on the cot if nothing else!
  • MrsGG, we got ours here

    they are good but as ccbmommy says, are also a tad expensive image

  • Kara has a pillow since she was about 5 months and loves it. She sleeps in a double bed so has 2 pillows. She doesn't sleep on them all night as I sometimes find her half way down the bed but she doesn't mind them and I have never had any problems with them. The recommended age is 1 year old.
  • Erin has had a pillow since 12 months it seems to have improved her sleeping especially since she has been having a bad chest xx
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