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Hi Ladies,

Firstly I just want to thank everyone for the support and advice I've received since giving birth. I was so close to giving up, but all the tips and encouragement made all the difference. Slight problem now though!
I woke up yesterday morning with the underneath of my right breast feeling like it had been set alight! It got worse throughout the day and I managed to feed Orla as much as possible from that boob (ouch!) and have pumped to try and clear it, hence the crazy hour I'm up! I have my 6 week check on Tuesday so hopefully my GP will be able to help. I would just like to know what else apart from feeding and pumping can I do help in the meantime, and is there is anything that helps with the pain, it's like having hot coals in my boob, Paracetamol doesn't seem to do anything at all,

Cat xxx


  • hi mummycat- ouch! if it is mastitis, you need antibiotics asap, dont let it get worse or you could find yourself really ill. have you got a temp or flu like symptoms? do you feel a bit off? or is it just the pain in the boob? from what i've heard it can come on very quick, so you must get to the docs/ pimary care or ring nhs direct today if you are starting to feel poorly. dont leave it til tues. it wont clear on its own, you need the antibiotics hun.
    keep feeding and pumping, i'm not sure if hot flannels will help cos its already hot?
    let us know what happens xx
  • please do get the antibiotics! I had this aswell 5 days after giving birth and it's awful I know! You poor thing, but the antibiotics started to help within a couple of does. And they'll give you some which are fine for breastfeeding. I managed to fight it and am still BF. I did the hot flannels thing and also ice packs. Just be really gentle. Hope ic clears up soon.
    Chiara xx
  • I was able to get co-damonal sp?? a stronger painkiller from the docs, if the pain is really severe. Also, use cabbage leaf as well to reduce the swelling. If pumping is too sore, try hand expressing too.

    hope it gets better for you soon. It isn't very nice as I had it too.
  • The others are right, it sounds like you will need antibiotics - I went to the out of hours GP on a sunday morning when I had mastitis and wasn't made to feel at all like I was wasting their time - if you're still struggling it migth be worth phoning your surgery (there should be an answerphone giving you a number to call or putting you straight through to the emergency line), or failing that NHS direct. You're doing the right thinkg trying to drain the breast as much and as often as you can though.
  • Hey hun!

    Got your message so read a little, have you got a wide tooth comb? you are meant to stroke your boob from all directions towards the nipple to help stimulate the milk flow (not sure how well it works!?)

    & Drink plenty!! Are you drinking enough hun?

    found this on NHS Direct..

    let me know how your getting on love! xxx
  • Hi thanks for your advice girls, the hot flannels worked a treat! I think I might have managed to clear it before any infection set in (touch wood!)
    It feel alot better today and so far I haven't had any flu like symptoms. Thank you again girls xxx

    Cat xxx
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