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When does it get better?

Me again! Well am still sticking at it, exclusively breastfeeding, sheer pigheadedness mainly is keeping me going. But I am still not enjoying it and I feel anxious about the whole thing.

My nipples feel sore almost all of the time, feeding or not. The only time they feel better is in the shower with hot water over them. My boobs are not engorged, they are full but not hard and the boob itself is not uncomfortable, just my nipple. Is there ever a point when they go back to feeling how they did before breastfeeding whilst still breast feeding or only after I stop? ie will I ever be able to sleep without a bra and the sheets don't hurt just brushing against them? Will I ever latch him on and not experience that pain? Will they stop prickling and burning between feeds?

I can cope with it during the day, but in the wee small hours when I'm all alone (except for my fab b/f buddy!!) it makes me cry with frustration that this is not easy and I am not enjoying it one bit.

Please tell me it changes. Fred is now 3 weeks and 4 days old, my mw said I will notice a difference at a month and the Baby Whisperer book says to give it 40 days. will all my soreness go at any point? Please be honest, I just want to know what I'm letting myself in for for the next few months!



  • Bless you.....I had a problem the first week or so and was on the point to give up but kept going and a couple of days after it became natural. I think it sounds like you're nearly there and you just need to sort the pain out. It's good news that your breasts aren't hard annd swollen. For your nipples keep them dry and air them as much as possible and change your pads regular. Have you tried a nipple cream. Also for the tingle sensation I had this after 6w weeks and it was agony my clothes and everything. Have you tried the cold gel compresses I found they were a godsend. I also emptied my breasts completely with my breast pump and it seemd to help too. Also I think give it a month and see but don't put too much pressure on yourself and don't suffer and be in agony as it's not that terrible if you go onto formula you've stil given your baby a months worth of breast milk.
    Good luck x
  • slippers keep it up! yes yes yes it will get better, give it another couple of weeks maybe even less and the soreness will suddenly go! promise. you will then reap the rewards and it will be completely painless, honest i wouldnt say it if i didnt know it was true. just check your latch, make sure its spot on so as not to cause extra soreness xxxxxxx
  • Hiya,
    Please don't despair!!! It was a good 4 weeks for me personally before I felt halfway comfortable feeding LO. As long as he has a good latch it really should'nt be much longer. Are you using lansinoh or anything similar? Its expensive but well worth it, particularly when your nipples are cracked as I found that they ended up sticking to my breast pads and I was pulling off the healing skin and reopening the wounds. Easing the pads off by dripping water down my nipples to loosen the stick helped.

    I have to admit that Im pretty sure that the latch was my main problem for prolonging the agony - I know exactly how you feel though; toe-curling came nowhere near describing the excruciating pain I experienced for the first few weeks!!!

    Are you able to drop in to see the mw's to check your latch and positioning of baby when feeding? If not only for extra support?

    Good luck with however you go about sorting your feeding issues, it will get better one way or another.

  • Yes yes yes it does get better - no-one tells you it can be this hard, so you think you're the only one, but I promise you you're not. I stuck with feeding in the early days out of stubborness too, but I did start to enjoy it after a few weeks. If you can stand hot water on them you're part way there - I could only shower if I let the water hit the back of my neck and trickle over my soulder, no way could I angle the shower anywhere near my breasts! After about 6 weeks it should start to get better. i recommend Lansinoh nipple cream too, and some nice soft breat pads to give you a bit of cushioning (asda or Johnsons) - if you think they're too visible maybe just try them in the house - the pain from sheets, towels, clothes etc brushing against you really does go! At 10 weeks my nipples stil felt abit sensitive if I was in a draft, but that was all, there was no pain during feeding, and your body will begin to feel your own again - my nipples looked like I'd taken a cheese grater to them for a couple of weeks but they healed fine. Yes you will sleep without a bra - you may need one for a while to hold breast pads in place to prevent leaks, but shouldn't really need it for comfort if you're used to sleeping without a bra.

    One thing I will mention though, is the possibilty of nipple thrush (which I'd never heard of til I got it!) - you say you're getting pain in between feeds and this can be a sign of nipple thrush, although it isnlt necessarily - I had sort of shooting pains within my breast, behind my nipple, and turning over in bed was quite painful - this was before I noticed the shiny red nipples or whiteness in babies mouth that the books tell you about - if you are experiencing anyhting like this I suggest you see your HV who should be able to prescribe cream for you and something for baby to clear it up, and it'll make things feel much easier.

    Good luck - and well done for getting this far, you're through the worst, honestly, it can will get better!
  • I can only echo what the other girls have said babe. It DOES GET BETTER!!!! I struggled for 6 weeks and it was only stubborness that stopped me giving up but I'm so glad I stuck with it my little one is 12 weeks now and feeding is second nature.

    Well done you are through the worst honestly xx
  • Thank you so much for all your reassurance. It is getting better, I can tell so you have all given me hope and some positivity to carry on, you are fab, thanks so much!! xx

    PS am using Lansinoh and it is helping x
  • Hi, yes! It does get better! I was going to post everything Sunflower 81 said! This could be too personal but, are your nipples shiny and red, and feel like on fire after feeding? Does your baby have white in his mouth before a feed? If so, you (both) could have thrush and need treating. We (me & my LO) had thrush, and after treatment started bf'ing got easier. HTH x x x
  • Just to add, we had thrush too but it showed up in Peter's bum rather than his mouth. If you lo has really bad nappy rash, get it checked out asap as you will be reinfecting each other.
  • yes I was going to say thrush, i had to use canisten for a week or so but it did get better, it had felt like i had needles stabbing into my nipples when i had this, I also used a nipple shield for the occasional feed just when that raw feeling was very bad.

    good luck you're doing great
  • Hi slippers,

    just wanted to say that Im on day 17 of b'feeding and Ive also gone through this. Really contemplating giving up-esp at night alone with the pain being too much to bear.
    I went along to a breastfeeding clinic recommended by my midwife which was excellent-basically a drop in at the hospital where you feed baby and they show you what you're doing wrong. Also been reading a book by Clare Byam-Cook who has alot of good advice and Ive been using nipple shields for te past few days which has helped enormously with the pain. I keep hearing the same thing though, that unless the 'latch' is correct the pain will continue so I dont know what to do about that really. I know if I stopped using the shields they'd start to hurt again-do try them though cause they really do help.

    I think Im going to start logging on here at night time to see if any other stressed out new mums are online too lol!

    Just think though our babies are getting the best possible start and even if we cant carry on as long as we want nothing can take that away.

  • So glad I read this.. My little Girl Olivia is two weeks today & bar two feeds (when I've been really ill vomitting) has been soley breast fed - but felt a bit tearful I've got plenty of milk but sort of dread the next feed as I know it's going to hurt & found it emotionally really draining, doing everything alone! I'm wondering now if i've got thrush too as I get that needles in the nipple feeling too! Sorry to jump into your post hun! Just wanted you to know your not alone & how good it is to be able to ask for support her from people who actually know!

    lol was in the supermarket with OH the other day and practicully had to run thru the chilled section as my boobies couldn't take it - trying to explain it was making my boobs ache to OH - his face was a picture! xx
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