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Will I ever see my living room floor again??!!!!

OMG how can a 2 year old have sooooooo many toys!!

as you may be aware it was Shea's 2nd birthday yesterday and i've lsot my living room carpet!!!! My house resembles Hamley's!!!

My house is a complete tip and don't know where to start!!! talk about trip hazards!!! lol!!

Would anyone like to buy any 2nd hand boys toys suitable up until 18months - ish?? as I'm gonna have a clear out and sell some stuff so if anyone is interested i'll list what i've got on here in a few days


  • Sounds like he had a good birthday then!!

    I've already told relatives etc not to get Charlotte loads of toys at Xmas & her birthday in January. We've got loads of babytoys in the loft for whenever number 2 comes along!
  • I probably will be claire...but is jakes bday in three weeks so will prob have loads...

  • I'd be interested Claire, list them when you get chance x
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