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what if anything do u think brought on your labour?

g/c from due in september.
just wondering what you think might have brought on your labour? or if you beleive that baby will come when it is good and ready? i have tried all the old wives tales and nothing has hapoened.
getting fed up, 6 days over due now, booooo



  • i tried anything and everything and in the end even the pessarys and syntocin drip didn't even get him moving, only thing that shifted my lo was a c section lol xxx
  • probably an old wives tale but i had a curry 2 hrs before i went into labour! image
  • I tried EVERYTHING and nothing made any difference untill I had a sweep and he arrived later the same day (7days late). Apparantly I was already 1-2cm when she did the sweep though so I'm not even convinced that worked :lol:
  • cant remember if i did anything in my first pregnancy but he was 5wks early,my second pregnancy me and SB was moaning alot,i was having twins and they wasnt due till march but i said to SB that we should all stamp our feets,well i moaned and moaned and they arrived 9wks early,so i think stamping of feet does the trick :lol:

  • I painted the skirting boards in cole's room on the tuesday, saw the midwife on the thursday adn she said I'd go overdue come back in 2 weeks for a sweep and in the early hours of the friday morning I went into labour a week early! Shows what the midwife knows and I felt dead smug when she came to do my paperwork on the saturday morning all surprsied to see me image

    Anyway - I'm fairly sure a few hours on my hands and knees sanding and painting helped!
  • Everyone is different but with DS2 it was deffo the sex that started him off! xx
  • Definately pineapple! I ate about 3/4 of one Thursday night, had contractions all night and all day friday, and then had my lo Saturday after a whole day in hospital!
  • HULA HOOPING ON THE NINTENDO WII !!!!!!! I swear by it, i hula'd for a good couple of hours quite vigourously on the sat night and went into labour early sun morning, and my gorgeous boy was 2weeks early!!!
  • Definately SEX, we did it the night before and he came the following day and very fast!

    I think massaging Clary Sage into my tummy (with a carrier oil) made my labour very short too.

    Good luck

    Claire xx
  • Kia - that's hilarious as the day before I went into labourf for the 1st time that is exactly what I was doing!!!
    According to the doctors it was stress for me. (That means they couldn't find a proper medical reason!) But that was at 24 weeks again at 30weeks and she finally came safe and sound at 37 weeks! I wouldn't recommend it normally but as your overdue, have a good stress out (if you are not already!)
  • lol. my mw told me babies rarley come early. my dd arrived 4weeks early.

    Had sausages night before. Im sure it was sex, as afterwards my waters broke!
  • being induced with a pesary at 11 days over and hayden arrived on day 12. i got sooooo fed up of raspberry leaf tea, hot as i could handle food, sweeps (had 2) and as my sweeps are sooo sore with just a finger up there there was NO way in hell dh was getting any where near me. in saying that, both my sister and best friend swear by a it of bedroom antics!
  • Curry, Loud music and Camping!lol

    The day of before my due date we went to a party with OH's work- we had a curry at his bosses house, before going to the party where there were live bands and then we camped over in the field- yes I camped at 39+6!haha By midnight I was having "pains" couldn't get comfy so demanded that we go home- OH packed up tent in the rain whilst I sat in the car lol. My daughter was born at 2.32am on the day after my due date...I blame the combination of all three. But we went to the party again this year but with Lily and surprise surprise she LOVED the live
  • I tried curry, pineapple, castor oil, 2 sessions of reflexology and 1 session of acupuncture. 10days overdue and 2 sweeps.

    Sex on night of 2nd sweep and contractions started a few hours later. Still needed gel to get me going properly but once the gel was in I contracted every 3 mins and went to 2- 9cm in 3hrs.

    Who knows what worked, all I know is that baby will come when ready. Good luck, try not to get too fed up. It really won't be long now and once baby is here the days will fly by. Just enjoy putting your feet up as it's the last chance you're gonna get for a while.
    good luck, S x
  • omg ILMG! Camping at that stage?! I was camping at 5 months and swore never again when pregnant!!

    dappytart - well I was stressed wehn I was painting as I wanted the room done before baby arrived and the decoraters hadn't been yet! I was in labour the day they were meant to be coming though so we had to cancel them lol
  • omg ILMG! Camping at that stage?! I was camping at 5 months and swore never again when pregnant!!

    dappytart - well I was stressed wehn I was painting as I wanted the room done before baby arrived and the decoraters hadn't been yet! I was in labour the day they were meant to be coming though so we had to cancel them lol
  • hey ladies... been good to read all your experiences!
    i had no feelings of anything happening, and wasnt too fed up!
    on the thurs.... i had curry for tea, but not a hot one, then had fresh pineapple, but not trying to bring on my labour, just so happened thats what we had! then on the fri i went for a 2hr walk with the dog..... 1.30am on the sat my waters went, contractions started at 6.30am and she was born at 1202pm.
    i reckon taking the raspberry leaf capsules helped me with labour.... it wasnt as painful as i expected and was short!
  • Nothing got my labour going and I tried everything!! Even the induction and having waters broken didn't shift the tyke! A section was the only thing that got him out - which isn't that bad, I know a lot of people are terrified of them. I hope it starts soon for you, I went 13 days and it was the longest 13 days of my life!!xx
  • I went on a tractor at our local petting zoo a week before I was due and the day befre I was booked in for my section. I had contractions the minute I got off the tractor and went into labour at about 4.30 the next morning. My planned section was changed to an emergency one and baby Amber was born at 7.30 am that day xx
  • ooh you never know if it was an actual thing but i can tell you what i did before each of my labours.

    the first came on after sex and a very warm bath/

    second came after a trip to see the piglets at the local farm???

    third time my waters broke the day after xmas (also the day after we had spent most of the day on the wii lol)
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