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Horror stories

Hi all
My labour was not as bad as i thought it was going to be,not to stressful but i did end up with megga complications at the end and taken to surgery.
I dont say this to upset anyone but just meaning expect everything and nothing as things dont always go to plan.
We are women and this is what we are built to do,if the pain was realy that unbearable why do we have more children.
It's easy to say it when we have kids but 1st time mums realy stress about this,just listen to your body,after all its helping you deliver this baby.
I once heard-pain is good as you no thing are finally happening.
Emma xx


  • I was pretty terrified of giving birth I had to have a c section with my 1st and got mixed reactions from doctors about having a vbac (vaginal birth after ceasarian) and was paranoid about my scar causing complications in the end it was perfect I was 7cm when I arrived at hospital and Amber was born 2 1/2 hours later! It was just a shame that due to my history they had to prep me for surgery so had drip, monitors and anti acid drugs it was completely worth it thopugh and i'm still thrilled i gave birth naturally
  • Gosh poor you. Amber wasn't distreesed but due to a fast birth wasn't quite breathing properly and had to be put on the resusitair (don't know spelling) that was scary enough so i really feel for you x
  • Hi,

    Jack was getting distressed during labour so they put prongs on his head to monitor him while he was still inside me, then on his delivery we had a peadiatrician and the resus unit in the room withus. It was very scary and something I wouldn't want to repeat.

    Zoe x
  • Jessica was born distressed as she got shoulder distotia, the cord around her neck and body and also a knot in the cord, they took her straight out the room for a few mins, i think it was to give her a rub!
    She was really blue and never cried at all, but she is a beautifull healthy baby.
  • I hope you are not blaming yourself Lisa. If it was going to happen then unfortunately it was going to happen. It's out of your control.
  • I only found out the other day when hv came, that Jessica's apgar score was 1, thankfully it came up quite quickly!
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