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Hi everyone,
I am new to this so don't really know what i am doing!!
I have a nine month old baby girl called Jessica, who at the moment is teething!
Hope to chat to some of you and share advive.

Simone x


  • Hi Simone
    Im Tasha and mum to ethan who's 2years 5months and 5month old Amber hope to chat soon x
  • Hi Tasha,
    Sounds like you have your hands full with two little one's.
    I would like to try for another baby next year, is it hard having the two.
  • Hello Simone

    Its much easier than it was! The first few weeks were hard but its now got to the stage where life feels normal again! Ive just had to learn to be more organised! The hardest thing is having to share myself i felt so guilt to my eldest he's completely used to it though. Your little one's at a lovely age is she becoming more mobile?
  • Hi Tasha,
    Jessica has started to move around alot in the last two weeks, she had been crawling backwards but has know mastered the art of crawling forward.
    Have you any advice on getting her back to sleep if she wakes in the night!
    She goes to bed at seven with no problems, doesn't even cry, but if she wakes in the night she will not go back to sleep unless i give her milk. I don't know if it is because she is teething!
    Any ideas.

  • Hi Simone
    Enjoy the crawling stage Jessica will be wailking before you know it and suddenly they're a toddler and not your little baby anymore!! I had a nightmare with Ethans sleeping when he was young he was breastfed and from about 6months used to sleep in bed with me feeding all night!!!
    when I found I was pregnant again I was determined not to repeat those mistakes and so far so good! Is Jessica breastfeeding? IF not and you know that she definately should'nt be hungry I would try and resist giving her milk, it will be tough for the 1st few nights but its amazing how they adapt Amber has begun waking at about 3am when normally she has her milk at 6am (she's bottle fed on soya because of milk intolerance) I get her up offer her water then give her a cuddle with her dummy I try and put her back down before she falls back to sleep then put her mobile on and she usually settles. If you are still feeding yourself it may be harder as she will associate you with food could her dad go to her at night? If its teething I would still try and resist feeding her to get her to settle as they pick up on things so quickly and it becomes a habit thats what happened with Ethan. He now sleeps brilliantly through the night in his own bed except for last night when I woke to find he'd got into our bed on his own!
    Hubby going to sort out new stair gate tonight! When Ethan was teething we used to give him medised and that worked a treat! Don't feel bad if you have to continue with milk at night she could just be a hungry baby. Hope this helps chat again soon x
  • Hi to both of you,
    I will try and not give Jessica any milk in the night, but i bet i give in as it is easier. Mind you i have given her some cereal tonight as she wouldn't take her milk!
    I tried breast feeding but it didn't happen as my milk never came in, i was so disapointed.
    Just wondering do you both take your baby to a baby group and is it woth while!
  • Hi
    I've got a much beeter social life since having the kids! I go to 2 mums and tots and take Ethan to a music class (Amber will start in Jan). Our library also has a song group (called rhyme time) maybe yours does too. It's most definately worth while, such a good way to meet people and have adult conversations. Your hv should be able to give you a list of groups on in your area hope you get good nights sleep tonight! x
  • Thanks i will look in to it, is a bit daunting as won't know anyone! It's my own fault as didn't go to antenatal classe's so did not get to meet and make friends with any other mums.
  • We've got a sure start just up the road and I love it! The equipment at ours is fab and they always do a craft so Ethan leaves very happy! Am actually starting breast feeding peer counselor course at ours in sept and they have free creche!
  • Hi Dawn,
    Not very good at this internet stuff!
    How do you add a picture to your replies!
  • Thanks for that i will give it a try.
    So if a odd picture comes up you know i have got it wrong!
  • Hi simone how are the night times going with Jessica? Hope you're well. Chat soon x
  • Hi Tasha,
    Things are not to bad she woke at ten for a feed and went straight back to sleep and then woke again for more milk at four,then got up about five. I am going to try and give her cereal before bed tonight to see if that helps!
    Something is waking her up as she used to sleep right through to half five, wake up have milk and go back to sleep.
    How are Ethan and Amber!
    Are you still trying to potty train
  • Hi Simone
    Glad things aren't too bad I found Ethan went through phases and had no idea why he was waking. Some of my friends used to give cereal (weetabix is apparently good at night) and it worked a treat. Potty training going quite well he's starting to ask for a wee so that's a big step. Amber's not too great she's starving but as mentioned before is milk intollerant and now can't tolerate any food at all but she's on soya and they don't do a stage 2 so bit stuck! Seeing hv on tuesday but don't think she will be too supportive going to push for referral. Hope you get plenty of sleep tonight! Take care x
  • Hi Tasha,
    Glad potting training is going well. Must be hard for you with Amber having milk intollerance, how come she can't eat food! is it because of the milk.
    Looked on internet for a sure start in our area and surprise, surprise there isn't any arond here, will take her to our local baby group on tuesday and see what it is like

    Take care
  • Hi Tasha,
    just a thought seeing as how you are struggling with Amber being so hungry.As i said before about my daughter being lactose int'she was on SMA LF which is different to soya. she didnt need weaning till she was 8 months as it seemed to satisfy her competely. it is avail in chemists slightly more expensive than normal sma but is avail on prescription. worth giving it a go its in a green can.
  • Hi Simone, There's new sure starts opening up all the time (its a government thing and they're trying to promote them) so it might be worth checking agan in a couple of months. Hope it goes well on tuesday Jessica will be a good ice breaker, its just like on here, we all have something in common let me know how it goes. we're not sure what's going on with Amber I naively thought she'd have no probs if I avoided dairy but it's so frustrating she's so hungry poor thing! Hope you're well chat again soon x
  • Hi Simone
    Hope you're all ok? Things fine here potty training going very well at moment hopefully we're nearly there! ambers doing ok but has become so hungry that I'm trying her on banana again only a small amount for breakfast. She normally reacts after about 5 days so am watching her carefully. How's Jessica is she still struggling with teething? Chat soon x
  • Hi lucyanne. Sorry have only just seen your message, I keep forgetting which forum people have replied to me in!! Thanks for the tip about the milk, am slightly reluctant to change her milk as she is so settled on the formula and she used to be so poorly that I'm scared to change her. However she is starving! For the last 2 days Ive been trying her on a small amount of banana again so will see how that goes. Saw a hv at a sure start group she was concerned that Amber can't eat and said she definately needs a refferal but she's not my hv so can't do it (incidently Amber weighs 19lb6ozs what a porker)! Have got appointment for tuesday morn and am taking hubby for back up! Wish me luck!!! Chat soon x
  • Hi Tasha
    It must be so frustrating when you aren't getting much help.
    How is Amber getting on, has she had any reaction to the banana yet?
    We're lucky that Cameron will eat pretty much anything, his favourite at the moment is butternut squash and sweetcorn!!!
    Good luck for Tuesday, let me know how you get on!
    Dawn x
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