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need your honest opinions *update*

Ok so the short of it is Im pg. Although I have been very broody I didnt want another just yet. I balled my eyes out when I found out and was/am so worried about how it will affect us esp the boys. Well OH was telling me that we will be ok ect that day and made me realise that, yes, it will be a struggle but its happened and we have to deal with it. Well OH got up this morning and is now set on me having a termination. Now, I was in pieces about having another but today the sickness has kicked in and I am starting to feel pg and everything he is coming out with is making me angry and wanting to have a termination less & less with every word. I have just told him I dont think I can abort this baby and he is saying that its not just my decision - which I know and agree with 100%.

What the hell am I gonna do? How can I make a decision like this? We did agree to more in the future jus not this soon. I know its the wrong time to have another but I feel like Im killing my baby!



Told OH today that I wont be terminating and he says I am selfish ect, ect. I am sure he still thinks he can change my mind. Havnt told the Gparents but I know what it will be - I am just waiting for it to blow up with OHs mum. She keeps using the boys against me, saying it will be bad for them. I cant believe I have let people make me feel so pressured. I really felt the choice was taken away from me. I am still really scared of the fallout (having another and peoples reactions) but I know when I see my baby with my boys it will be worth it.

Do you think I am making the right choice or am I being selfish?

Thankyou so much for your help and support girls, I love you Junies so much! xx

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  • arghhh why cant i find you xxx i need to call n talk to you, remember how ray was hunny they panic its normal text me or nudge me when ur free ill phone u x
  • just to let you know I have made an app to discuss a termination. App is on Monday.

    Thankyou for your support and replies it means so much to me xx

    Tracey I will charge my phone hun. xx
  • I agree, leave it at least a week to think things through hun and don't let anyone push you into anything x x x x x x
  • Ahh Elaine I have jsut got time to log on today hun! Huge hugs to you babe. Really think that you need to think long and hard about what you are going to do! I know its not just your baby but your the one that is carry it and your the one who at the end of the day as to live with what ever choice that you make. You know where I am babes if you wanna chat and that we will all support you in whatever you do! xxxxxxxxxx
  • Elaine - I've emailed you - please read.xx
  • I've left you a message on baby! Big hugs! xxxxx
  • Got tears in my eyes honey. Think you know where I am on this one. Very very very proud of you. Long overdue and you did it - good for you.

    Massivest hugs ever.xx
  • Same as Karen says babe, very proud of you! Think that you are making the right choice for you! Know I can't do much as in actually be there in person for you babes but will be there every step of the way whenever you need me! Huge hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • thankyou so much for your support, it means so much to me. I think I wil need it as I cant see him being very supportive over the next 8 months. Thanx again girls. I love you loads! xxxx
  • tbh elaine im not sure ray will be supporting me now, i dont know he is scared bout coping n money n being very horrid, when tbh if he wont ill do it alone, im move out n start again but thats it if this breaks down ill never get with another man again xx

    happy for you hun, ur doing the right thing for ur boys n you, f##k everyone else !
  • Saw your other post hun - so glad Ray is happier now.

    James was making tuna, sweetcorn & Mayo baguettes earlier and he asked me if I was allowed the mayo?! Just from that little sentance I know he has accepted that Im keeping bean and I am actually impressed he remembered from last time! I feel much more relaxed now! xx
  • Just had a thought.

    If the men don't step up then you two girls should run off together and share a house with all your littlies lol! Genius! No, don't thank me honest.... lolxx
  • pmsl - not a bad idea Karen! You up for it Tracey!? OMG! It would be a madhouse! Lol. xx
  • So I can't get onto this site for a few days and miss sooooo much....Elaine I am so pleased for you and hope you are feeling ok, I remember feeling exactly the same when I discovered I was pregs with Sienna and we even discussed our options but I just knew 100% deep down I was having her and doing the right thing.

    Ooooooo I can't believe so many of us Junies are having LOs again...It was such a privalige to share it all with you the first time round that this just makes it even more special......

    Sending huge hugs and kisses to you all.x x x x x x
  • lol sounds like a fab idea lol! 4 boys n 1 girl eekkk prgnancy hormones n 2 more to add lol
  • ok how many is that now

    whos next
  • LOL, well its def not me!!!! x x

  • oh sarah i didnt add u n pink bump bugger it sorry xx
  • And I can categorically say NOT ME!

    In fact, you fertile lot - it would be easier to say who's NOT had a baby/pregnant again lol.xx
  • Tracey - you're too honest - you should have gone back and modified before Sarah saw it lol!

    Sarah how long you got left now hon? I see you on fbk every now and again but haven't seen you for a while.xx
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