Weaning at 6 months - Advise Needed!


I have been giving my lo purees for a few weeks, however he loves the fruit ones and takes quite a bit. However he wont even touch the dinner ones of veg etc so i would like to try offering finger foods and normal food mashed up.

Firstly can you give me an idea of some good first finger foods and how small i should cut them as i am really nervous about choking and secondly can i start giving him things like spaggetti,soups,baked potatoes. etc.



  • keep trying with the veg/savory as he will eat them! Maybe try making your own as fresh veggies (such as carrot, squash, swede) are sweeter.

    As for what else your lo can have the answer is most things with no added salt or sugar and no honey or nuts.

    Hope that helps?
  • Rice cakes and rusks were probably the first finger foods my lo got to grips with. Also- chunks of cheese, fairly soft veggies e.g. carrots, broccoli florets, banana, organix carrot sticks, At first I gave her quite big chunks so she could grab them easily, and she would chew bits off rather than trying to eat the whole thing.

    For the savoury food, keep trying, it does take them a while to get used to new flavours. Have you tried the Ella's kitchen pouches? They're a mixture of fruit and veg, and Beth absolutely loved them.
  • Have you tried mixing sweet and savoury purees? Abby turned her nose up at veg at first too, but then I tried Apple and Carrot and she loved it! I gradualy decreased the amount of Apple until she was just on carrot.

    Pea and Pear was another fav!

  • I' d say mix the sweet and savoury too, ellas kitchen pouches are great or actually basic fruit and veg purees are easy to make (coming from me who hates the kitchen). We tried brocolli and pear, beetroot and apple (watch out for stains). Other vegs that are quite sweet alone are squash and sweet potato.

    One other thing to mention i discovered with my son, he didn;t like bland flavours, weirdly the stronger the better so discovered the genius of plum food; spinach one was a big hit and still is as a pasta sauce!
  • try sweeter veg purees, babies have a natural liking for sweet things so root veg is perfect to ease them in, carrot is always a good first, sweet potatoe, parsnip and butternut squash go down well too. u could try these singularly at first so he's used to the taste then mix them with another veg so sweet potato and brocoli, or parsnip and peas. it'll help him to get used to the less sweet flavours. ds has just had a cold and thru out that time he refused to eat anything that wasn't sweet, so i got all his veggies by mixing them with a sweet veg too.

    i would avoid giving him soup, u may find this is way too runny to get any in his mouth, if he's anything like my 6month old son he'll blow lots of raspberries and it'll go everywhere. u can give potato but will be starchy on its own so best mixed with another veg.

    a book u may find helpful is annabel karmel's 100 top baby purees, i've found it fantastic and highly recommend it, i used it to start off with until i found the confidence to try my own things and still use it for inspiration or say i've cooked some parsnip for sunday dinner i can see in her book what i can mix it with for a change etc. i tend to make extra of any veg i cook and puree them up, then freeze in ice cube trays then to make him a dinner i take out 2or3 cubes to make him a meal up, ie tomrrow he has carrot, orange and spinach for lunch. i also do this with fruits for his puddings so he's eating a nice medley and each time tastes different so hopefully it'll avoid him getting fussy. xx
  • Thanks for the replies ladies, some great suggestions, i will give them a try and see how we get on. xx
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