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Sippy/trainer cups

I've bought the girls a Tommee Tippee first cup each for water at meal times but was wondering when your LOs transitioned from a bottle to a cup for milk feeds and if so, which cup do you recommend?
Should I use the TT cup for milk too (no valve so they need to be concentrating!) or is there another type of cup that's better? Or do they stay on bottles for milk feeds until they are drinking cow's milk?

Thanks xx


  • I am gradually moving Abby onto a sippy cup for milk at the moment (5 months) she is very good with her water sippy cup (the same one you have) but she does get water everywhere sometimes!

    I wanted her milk cup to be very different to her water cup - so I bought her an explora cup for milk - it can be mixed and matched to tommee tippee bottles (so for a while I put the cup handles on her bottles - to get her used to the idea) which means that it looks familiar and they know what to expect (I wanted her water cup to be very different - so she didn't get disapointed when there was no milk in there!)

    My HV doesn't like the explora cups - because it isn't free flow - although you can take the valve out to make it free flow - but if you do that, it comes out very fast!

    I plan to give her sippy cups in the day - but stick with her bottle at bedtime -until she's about 1.

  • Thanks hun, that's really helpful. That's what I'd hoped to do but am just scared that our wind problems will come back with avengeance if we are not using Dr Browns bottles. I guess I'll have to try them and see x
  • hi hun i can't really help but just wanted say i've got the TT one too but not yet tried it!! so i'll be interested to see how you get on xxx
  • Just to update you ladies, after some heavy googling last night I have discovered a Dr Browns trainer cup which we'll be using for milk. I've ordered 2 so hope they're good!
    We'll be using the TT one for water
  • Ooh fab - let s know how you get on. I didn't know DR Brown made sippy cups! xx
  • Will do!
    Amazon do them as do Smyth's toy store and a couple of other places x
  • plan to give her sippy cups in the day - but stick with her bottle at bedtime -until she's about 1.

    Hi girls, just popped across from Toddler for a nose and this made me smile!!

    My boy is 2 and still has a cuddle and bottle of milk first thing in the morning!!!
    He drinks out of normal cups mostly but still wants mummy to give him that bottle each morning, the big laa loo!!! But secretly I love it cause still feel like I have my baby!!!

    Hope you're all doing well xxx
  • i have tt explora one but as its quite hard ds doesn't relly know what to do with it as he can't suck it, i also have a tescos one and the 'teat' is really soft and rubbery but different shape to a normal bottle teat and he's fine with that one, also its not valved so teaches him to sip, i think once he's used to that a bit more we'lll try him with the harder ones again. i was also wondering too as he has his water out of a sippy cup but all of his milk feeds still in a bottle?? xx
  • clarie a belle - yeah, my niece is 2 and half and she still has her night itme bockie! but Abby has never been that fussed with bottles so I don't think we'll struggle to drop it - she prefers sippy cups now anyway (but I like my bedtime cuddle! She's getting so independent that some days it's the only cuddle I get!)

    Siany - how funny, we had the opposit problem! I think because Abby is teething she like chopping on the hard teat, she doesn't like the soft ones at all.

  • here's a good recommendation for a bit later for the Doidy cup. Shea felt such a big boy when we gave him his, I think they are aimed from 10 months

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