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Christmas shopping!!!!

Am i just a complete nutter or has anyone else started getting christmas presents yet?!!! Now i'm not working and have 2 kids i really have to spread the cost and grab a bargain! I did groan when i saw that Tesco's have already started selling selection packs and advent calendars though!!


  • I've started mine too!

    i've bought 2 bottles of baileys, a bottle of wine, some chocolates, and some baby clothes
  • My sister went to one of those designer outlets and got loads of my shopping for me cheap! So far i've got my god daughters present, make up for two friends and a toy for friends son. I really enjoyed getting Ethans stocking preents last year so will probably start that soon!!
  • wow you're organised!! my cards normally get sent on the last mailing day! Think i'll buy mine soon though.
  • Hi all,
    I'm the same, now I have a little bit of time in the day, when I've been in town, I've been picking up a few bits. We also put a bit away during the year so that the christmas bill isnt so much of a shock.
    So far have bought 1 of Niamhs pressies, Taras main present (a leap frog learn and groove activity centre),coz if we give it to her at xmas, she wont get much use out of it, hubbies god dughters present, and my mother in laws present.
    Am feeling quite pleased.
    Hope you are all well.
    Kas xx
  • Hi
    Yep i've started mine too. I've got 3 family members presnts already. I normally leave it to the last minute but with two kids aged 3 and 1 no way am i leaving it late this year. Last year was a nightmare!
  • Hi, i started my xmas shopping back in june when the shops had their summer sales on. With 3 kids I've always done it early. Although I went to get a birthday card last week, the shop had a whole wall filled with Christmas cards and a display of christmas crackers.
  • Hi,
    I have started to think about christmas, i normally do my shopping in the last couple of weeks! But i have promised my self not to do it this year, so will start to buy soon.
  • Gosh you're really sorted! Makes me feel dissorganised now!! Hope you're all well chat soon xx
  • I now feel really organised and got some bargains today!!! Our local card shop were selling off last years cards before the new stuff comes in. I got 24 cards for 24p i bought 3 packs!! I bought all the wrapping paper cards bows and ribbon i'll need all for £4.16!! bet i still don't send them on time though!!
  • I think I'm the biggest saddo! I started my Christmas shopping in February, possibly earlier! I also have an xcel spreadsheet detailing names, budget, what i've got so far and what i need to get for each person. I also have last years spreadsheet so that I don't duplicate any pressies. I am due tomorrow (not like that means anything) so i decided to get organised as my maternity pay will kick in and i will be skint. Having said that I always start christmas shopping early. I also make my own cards but whether i'll get the time to make them this year is a different matter!
  • Hi Everyone

    I've decided to get on and start my shopping too!!
    I've been online this morning and ordered a few pressies, i've got loads of birthdays coming up too so i really better get organised!
    Dawn x
  • Hi Tanya,
    I worried last year also with my daughter, as she adored pocoyo. I was concerned that by Christmas she would have forgotten all about him, but I needn't have woried, baecause Im still going to be buying her the books this Christmas as she still loves him. Admittely not as much, but its still one of the main programs she cant be interrupted from.
    Hope that helps.
    Kas xx
  • Pocoyo is a little boy dressed in blue. He has an elephant friend called Ellie, a dog called Loula, a duck friend called Pato and a bird friend called sleepy bird. Hes on CITV and is usually on 11.30am till 12.30. You should watch it, Niamhs learnt lots from watching it.

    Saying that, she also loves fifi and peppa pig. I think whatever we bought her, she'd love, she seems to know all the characters. Although, when we went to buy summer shoes and clothes, it was Bob the builder and Thomas she chose he he!!
    Kas xx
  • Have bought Ambers first christmas present, a tambourine!! We've decided as she will be the same age Ethan was at his 1st xmas, there's no point buying many toys, she can have his so we're paying for music classes for her starting in Jan and giving her some instruments too.
    Also bought my mums present so feeling quite organised!!
  • I'm feeling very organised!
    I've bought all Cameron's presents, went into elc to take advantage of their 20% off(think i may have spent 100% more than i meant to though) Whoops!! Never mind, what daddy doesn't know... (he he)
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