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O/T wedding stuff!


I went shopping for my wedding dress today and found 'the one'!! The best part - I'm back in a size 12 and my waist is still there lol. I had been dreading shopping thanks to excess belly etc but it was good fun and I LOVE my dress! Also very nice not to focus on baby stuff for a change (although Ella did come with me and had fun too!!)



  • Snap! (although, I'm not back to a 12 just yet!)

    I went today for the first time! Totally in love with a dress that's about twice my budget, OH said I could get it, but I don't know!! I've left it so long, I'll have to order it by next Friday to have it in time for wedding!

    When are you getting married?xx

  • Oh weddings!!! I love weddings :lol:

    Make sure you keep posting on here as I miss my YAYW days although it was over 2 years ago now.
    I am impressed that not only you are a size 12 but that you have a waist too!! I have forgotten what my body looks like with a waist :lol:
  • Yaay for you!!!!!!!!!!!! Think I might divorce Dave and then remarry him just so I can go through it all again. Soooo jealous but happy for you at same time. Make sure you get plenty of hen dos out of it I ended up havin 4 lol, that goes for you to McGillair xxxx
  • Just g/c from born in July hope you dont mind?!
    Im getting married next September and im dreading shopping for my wedding dress! I've lost a stone since having my ds and hope by the time i start looking for one in January i would have lost at least another stone! How did you find it,were you self concious about it? xx
  • I'm getting married 11th July. I too need to order it in the next three weeks or so to get it on time. I'm going back on November 11th to try it on again and get measured so they can order - CAN'T WAIT!!! THe lady who helped me in the shop was so nice and surprisingly honest which I liked. I feel so disorganised but slowly getting there. xx
  • Ooooooooooooo excitin!!! i loved wedding shopping ... put pics up of ur dresses xxx
  • Well ladies, I have my dress! I was surprise actually because I only tired on about 15 over the past two days and it's NOTHING like what I wanted! I scowered the Maggie Sottero website for a picture to post for you all, I didn't ask which style it was, I couldn't find it! There's a lot of dresses on the website (446!) I suppose it'll just have to be a surprise!

    nikr - honestly, it was fine. I think having a baby is more undignified!I'm still about 2 stone heavier that I was before having Jax,(and have developed a passion for digestive biscuits) but the women were so wonderful, they've seen it all before - I did wear big black slimming knickers, still concious of my section scar - I asked her how she delt with looking at people's wobbly bits all day and she said she was just glad people wore underware!!xx
  • I think I tried on about 15 dresses too and the one I picked is nothing like what I thought I'd pick - my OH is in for a surprise!

    I agree - having a baby is waaay more undignified! xx
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