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whinge whinge whinge

That's all Charlotte does at the moment. I cannot keep her happy at all no matter what I do. What is wrong with her? She's driving me mad. Now I'm whinging lol!

She's also starting to get very upset if she sees one of us go out without her. when we put shoes/coats on and leave her with the other she goes beserk and has a tantrum for about 10 minutes. It's like when a dog thinks he's going for a walk but isn't!! So now we have to hide the fact that one of us is nipping out for something which is ridiculous.

I know it may be the dreaded "p" word (phase), but whatever it is HELP!!



  • hey hun .. im afraid i have no advice really but would also love the answer!! my lo turned 2 on october 1st and since then has been the same as well as a new foot stamping strop!! argh she was such an angel before!! image i miss that lol now its strops and tantrums and screaming and "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" ALL DAY!! image LOL
  • If we stay in Rhys is the same. This week he's even started the paddying on the floor kicking arms and legs about. Luckily only been in the house so far so I've just been stepping over him, ignoring him and leaving him too it and he soon stops. Dreading my 1st public tantrum lol.
    However even if we just go for a short walk outside he's lots better.
    As for crying when someone goes out he's fine, untill the time comes for me to go to work and him to stay at home with Daddy. He runs to the front door and stands in front of it so I can't get past. However I think that is because during the week he goes to my parents and LOVES playing with my little sister. She's 9 and all her friends fuss over him when he collects her from school, so I think he wants to go to Grandad's instead of having to stay at home ha ha.
  • I think it could be her teeth. Nappies have recently been yuk. Also last Sunday night she was up until 2am crying, since then had a snotty nose. Thought it was a cold but not so sure now. If it is her teeth it will be her 2nd molars as they are the last 4 to come thru.

    We do try and tire her out with walks. We live near a park which is good. Except she runs off now! She wont wear the reins I have at the moment. They are like a safety harness too and quite bulky so bought new ones from Amazon but waiting for them (probably lost in the post now)!.

    I do feel a bit better now I know I'm not the only one this is happening too! xxx
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